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  1. U probably got banned for posting good things about your Showster or Gibson/Kramers. Those guys over there are obsessed. Very Few of them own Showsters and they hate Gibson/Kramers because the Gibson/Kramers are better than most of the 80s Kramers, except for the Showster, of course, and consequently the Gibson/Kramers are driving down the prices of their 80s Kramers.


    The MusicYo Kramers are nowhere on par with the US and Japan made 80s Kramers. Not sure what you're going about, lots of good things said over there about the MusicYo stuff but they're just decent imports, not pro-level stuff like the original Kramer stuff.

  2. Modern country players use a lot of guitars that weren't heretofore associated with country, but I also naturally associate the Telecaster to country music. When I produce a country song, I generally use a Telecaster and or a 335.


    Modern country isn't really country music. When I think of country music I think of Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Waylon, etc.


    In many respects today's country is closer to 80's pop metal.


    Lots of county bands rocking Les Pauls nowadays.

  3. Eddie Van Halen's intro on Runnin' With The Devil, he scrapes his pick against the tremolo springs and so I tried it, and I was able to make some pretty bad *** sounds.


    Eddie is scraping his pick on the strings behind the tune-o-matic bridge and in front of the stop bar.


    He is using a Ibanez Destroyer (copy of a Gibson Explorer). There's no tremolo on that song at all.

  4. He used the 5150 Kramer on the 1984, 5150, and OU812 tours. I believe he recorded 1984 with the Frankenstrat, but 5150 and OU812 were largely the Kramer guitar.


    Diver Down tour was still the Frankie, and by Carnal Knowledge he was using the Music Man guitar.


    So, roughly late 82/early 83 until about 1990 he was using Kramers.


    I'm sure someone can go through the timeline of the magazine ads.

  5. "In 1985 & 1986, Kramer was the best selling Guitar Brand in the World. Thank U God! I bought my Gibson 335 in 1985 for $400 from a guy who sold it to buy a Kramer. I doubt that Kramer will ever outsell Gibson or Fender again, not because they aren't great guitars, but because most kids can't deal with a Floyd Rose."


    You got very lucky on that 335, hats off to you on that one, however, I agree kids don't want to spend the time learning guitar, or Floyd Rose for that matter, they are just looking for instant gratification. Kramer will rise again.


    I've played some of the Gibson-era Kramers. The higher-end axes are good. The 84 and the Pacer Vintage are on par with the 80's Barettas and Pacers. I've owned a couple of the MusicYo Kramers, and they were a good value, on par with comparable-priced Jacksons and Ibanez. Good guitars for a beginner or mid-level players.


    The music scene today is completely different than the 80s. Not a lot of guitarists rock Floyds. The guys who do tend to be in the heavier bands and they tend to favor the Schecters and ESP/LTDs, as well as Ibanez. Both Kramer and Charvel/Jackson are more old-school guitars favored by older players. Nothing wrong with that, there's definitely a market there but I think it's impractical to think that that Kramer is ever going to be anything more than a niche brand again.

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