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  1. Up for sale is a Original Gibosn EB-0 Bass guitar. It is all original and is in good used condition. It has been well taken care of and I put fresh flats on it not to long ago. It has good low action, it practically plays itself. I It has that great warm distorted "Jack Bruce" tone and very fat sounding for funk. anyway here is some specs, again everything is original Tuners (Hold solid) Pick Up Volume/Tone (No Crackling) Damper Pick guard and thumb rest Ebony Fret Board The body has "Checking" all over, but it is cosmetic and of course dings but nothing serious. I inspected the
  2. He who laughs last is the slowest. I don't get it, what is the punch line, the inside joke?
  3. Golem, it has epic John Entwistle tone. I might keep it and sell my EFlat Bass. Right now I'm just trying to figure out what sounds better at church.
  4. so you guys will never believe this. Yesterday I traded my P-Bass for this. 1997 Alembic Epic Bass. Sounds good and plays great. But it's on the block right now. http://cgi.ebay.com/Alembic-Epic-Bass-Guitar-1997-USA-Cocobolo-4-String-/270683413431?pt=Guitar&hash=item3f05fd1bb7
  5. I'm not sure what that means. I have played tons of Jazz basses before though.
  6. Your totally right golem. The musicians who make up two percent of the audience are the only ones who can tell. But I want to appeal to those 40 year old cougers with massive racks in the front row who are still trying to hold on to the greatness that was Lead Zeppelin. I know that most people won't care if I play a bass other than a jazz. But why not have it. I have the two acoustic 360's, the Hammond Organ (A-100, very similar to the C2 that he used) and I have the rhodes.
  7. Alright guys, guess what I am back in a Led Zep Tribute band. This is good news. But I need the Fender Jazz, people would recognize that more than the P-Bass. So if anybody has Vintage Fender Jazz (I can add cash) I would like to trade.
  8. I have a story to tell and why this particular pedal is do dear to me. a long time ago my friend "Garlow" taught me how to play bass. He was patient and kind to show me everything he knew. He was a death metal guy and I was blues but I didn't care I absorbed whatever I could from him. He played bass but he mostly played guitar. Well not to long ago Garlow passed away in a fatal head on accident. It wasn't his fault, the other driver was drunk. He had very few musical instruments, since a lot of his stuff was stolen over the year (He lived in bad part of town). His grandma (who he lived
  9. Haha thanks guys, I will no longer work my way up the chain of guitars. I think I spent more money on crap guitars than buying this bass. I took me awhile to see the Gibson light. I still like Fender. But you can't play "alright now" by Free on a jazz.
  10. Thanks Guys, You should see the Ric in real light. It seriously TV yellow from the nitro oxidizing. The EB bass has checking over every single inch of it.
  11. This bass does distorted really good. Clear sound eh, not so much. But it's light and it has no neck dive. I would love to get a EB-3 like Jack Bruce had.
  12. Guitardenter had this one. Vintage Gibson EB-0 from 61' it plays really smooth. Good thick fuzzy sound. I'm just glad to finally have my first Gibson now i actually have a reason to be on the Gibson forums.
  13. 4001 Ricenbacker from 81' EB-0 Gibson from 61'
  14. No, but he did have a fret less. It was a 70's p bass. I also am having Dave build me one.
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