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  1. Up for sale is a Original Gibosn EB-0 Bass guitar. It is all original and is in good used condition. It has been well taken care of and I put fresh flats on it not to long ago. It has good low action, it practically plays itself. I It has that great warm distorted "Jack Bruce" tone and very fat sounding for funk.


    anyway here is some specs, again everything is original

    Tuners (Hold solid)

    Pick Up

    Volume/Tone (No Crackling)


    Pick guard and thumb rest

    Ebony Fret Board


    The body has "Checking" all over, but it is cosmetic and of course dings but nothing serious.

    I inspected the neck socket, headstock, no cracks of any kind.


    I'm looking to get 1,500 or best offer. It comes with new hard shell case.

    Trades, I'm looking for a vintage Fender Jazz Bass or Tokai, Greco, ect plus cash on your end.



    Here is a link for more pictures




  2. Your totally right golem. The musicians who make up two percent of the audience are the only ones who can tell. But I want to appeal to those 40 year old cougers with massive racks in the front row who are still trying to hold on to the greatness that was Lead Zeppelin. I know that most people won't care if I play a bass other than a jazz. But why not have it. I have the two acoustic 360's, the Hammond Organ (A-100, very similar to the C2 that he used) and I have the rhodes.

  3. I have a story to tell and why this particular pedal is do dear to me.


    a long time ago my friend "Garlow" taught me how to play bass. He was patient and kind to show me everything he knew. He was a death metal guy and I was blues but I didn't care I absorbed whatever I could from him. He played bass but he mostly played guitar.


    Well not to long ago Garlow passed away in a fatal head on accident. It wasn't his fault, the other driver was drunk. He had very few musical instruments, since a lot of his stuff was stolen over the year (He lived in bad part of town). His grandma (who he lived with) decided to give out his musical instruments to his best friends.



    I got his guitar wah pedal. I'm not sure how to use it for bass. It's so thin and weak sounding but I feel bad if I don't put it on my board and not use it. Is there anything I can do to make it sound better for bass?


    Thanks everybody.

  4. I use a Bassman 135, have owned it since 82 but the funny thing is I like it for my guitar and Rhodes better than for my Bass.


    I had owned a "Superbassman" as well. I loved the tone for bass, but it still wasn't loud enough even though I played it through a Vintage Ampeg 8x10

  5. I tried an EB0 Epi just to see how it compared to the SG Std. The main thing I noticed was the weight difference. The body was a lot heavier than the SG Std. It was a floor model and needed to be reset slightly.




    When I first started out on bass, I got the Epi EB-0 Bass. I liked it mainly for it's look. It had one issue it had horrible fret buzz every where. I didn't care I got a great deal on it. So I took it home, played and played. Then after awhile I got tired of the buzz so I tuned the whole bass one Octave. That got rid of the buzz, but the neck had a bow of a archery weapon.


    Those Epiphone are never set up right.

  6. Up for sale is highly customized 51' P-Bass reissue. Designed to recreate the John Paul Jones bass that he used. It is a serious eye catcher. Great "stripped" look that JPJ had. The bass is a fantastic player. The bass all together weights only 7 Pounds! It has a shaven Jazz neck and custom cut bone nut for extremely low action, this bass practically plays it's self. One of the coolest features is the 6-way Varitone Selector switch. These are commonly found on Gibson EB basses and Acoustic 360 use something similar. They are a Bass/Mid/Treble Boost. A fantastic feature for any bass player who uses a multitude of tones through out a performance. You can check out other basses he has built (bikebassnut) and at Certainbass.com. Keep in mind this not a stock model I am selling, this is $1,350 worth of parts and labor put into it. I am sad to sell this bass, since I am no longer in Led Zeppelin tribute band. It's brand new, only 3 months old. It has been in it case since.


    I am looking to trade or sell for a vintage Gibson, Rickenbacker, or Fender Jazz.


    $1,200 or best offer plus shipping.



    Here are some high detailed pictures




    Here is some specs

    Fender Ash Body

    Lindy Fralin Pick Up

    Gotoh Tuners

    Fender vintage style bridge

    Fender Jazz neck

    *Custom thin profile, custom hand cut bone nut

    Varitone 6 selector switch.

    Comes with Fender Hard shell case


    Email me at gswbasketball2002@yahoo.com

  7. I want to believe Epiphone produces most of there new bass reissues, I have seen a Grabber, EB, Hoffner, Les Paul...


    Be on the look out sometimes Epiphone makes a mistake and makes a good bass once in a while.

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