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  1. I support whatever gets kids learning music, in a day of age where schools are throwing music out. I think It would be more important to keep kids interested in music. and after ten years of signature models maybe Gibson should go back basics, making heavy solid guitars which made them such a respect company in the first place.

  2. I have two custom made Fender Basses made for the player here is some info. One is a built to spec Fender 64' Jazz and the other is a 51' P-Bass. They practically play themselfs, Set up with easy low action. They are more vintage correct than what Fender is putting out now. I am hoping you would like to trade Your Eb for one of them. I am in a Cream tribute band and need the Jack Bruce Bass.



    Here are some pictures



    Here are the specs

    Basses was built by Dave Certain on eBay (Bikebassnut) and also @ Certainbass.com in USA



    Parts from "ALLPARTS.COM"


    Jazz Specs.


    Fender Alder Body

    Nitro finish

    Fender Jazz neck

    *Custom thin profile, custom hand cut bone nut

    Gotoh Tuners

    Fender vintage style bridge

    Lindy Fralin No hum Pick ups

    Cloth wiring

    "Fender Ash Trays"

    Thumb rest.

    Comes with Fender TSA Hard shell case





    Tele Specs.



    Fender Ash Body

    Lindy Fralin Pick Up

    Gotoh Tuners

    Fender vintage style bridge

    Fender Jazz neck

    *Custom thin profile, custom hand cut bone nut

    Varitone 6 selector switch.

    Comes with Fender Hard shell case

  3. I have a Epiphone E-20-B from CMI. 40 watts perfect for the bedroom. I also used it as church and it was too loud there.




    I also have a Alamo Fury Bass/Guitar Amp at 25 Watts, sounds killer at low volume. at high volume it breaks up perfectly.



    For the most part I don't even plug in, I just feel the vibrations of the guitar, that's good enough for me.

  4. Ok, I have been play piano for six or seven months now. I played a little bit with Jesse's Led Zep Tribute band and a lot with my Christian band. I can play melody really good with my left hand and bass with right.


    I have a nice Kustom 88 electric piano, very similar to a Rhodes with out the tines. I play it through it through a Acoustic 260 guitar amp.


    Does any body have some tips or advice to become a better piano player?


    Any thoughts for better piano tone

    (Bright, Volume, Bass, Treble, Variamp, Fuzz, Reverb, Tremolo)



    Thanks Guys.

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