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  1. SB basses are known for there muddy bass tone, the pick up is located to close to the bridge to really get any compressed tone out of it. They sound good when you play with a pick. Other than that, they are not a very responsive bass, don't try to emulate Jaco Pastoruis or anything. The bass is a good player, short scale neck and some what decent girth to it.

  2. Fred,


    Do these things and you will see change...


    Do high intensity Plyometrics

    Play Basketball (regardless of talent or white-ness)

    Drink plenty of water

    Chew your food good

    Lift weights











    The football team that I was on did this program, I lost a lot of weight and gained tons of muscles. You won't ever need a roadie.

  3. BTW I don't know that model piano but I sure would love to own a Fender Rhodes electric piano... I was a keyboard tech in my roadie days and I know them inside out...


    Well it was built to be kinda like a Fender Rhodes just with out the strings. There are huge micro chips inside that make the sound.


    It actually sounds pretty close to a Fender Rhodes.

  4. DSCF0601.jpg


    Look at all the circuits, first generation electric piano with out strings.




    Kustom 88, Your One Trick Pony of sorts, has bass, treble, tremolo, and intensity. Very nice piano, Amazing sound. Doesn't sound cheesy at all.




    When I bought the piano the gentle man also gave me this head, I think it may be a guitar head. Do you guys Know what it is?

  5. I found a beat-up 1970's Franciscan Acoustic the back of my friends covered truck. Said that his dad was suppose to take it to the dump. The neck was breaking away from the body, I had to rip out the frets past the 12th fret marker and screw two screws in the fret board to keep it from breaking, so I "red necked' this guitar to play slide. I'm no Guitar tech, nor did I have the right parts. But at least it works and works well.






    I would try to find a old Kay, Pan, Epiphone, Silver tone acoustic guitar. There a lot of them out there and you can get some cheap one out there.

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