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  1. I use to have 7 bass guitars and two guitars. Im down to two Jazz basses, one homemade P-bass, and a crappy acousitc
  2. I think the money should go to the people. If we took all the money from the bailout, each american (Citizen, over 18) would get about 2,700 US dollars. That money could be used to payoff bank loans (the banks would get there money back) and it could be used to buy things to start up the economy. Its the trickle up method
  3. get a more jazzy sound? thats why hollowbodies are so desirable to jazz players is because they are so bassy sounding. Maybe they are trying to sell to a diffrent crowed
  4. theres was to much hype at his election, insted of bringing people down gracefully, hes going to bring him down rock hard.
  5. The pessimist hates the change of the wind The optomist expects the winds to change The wise sets the sails. which one are you?
  6. I think you are better off getting grovers, they wont let you down.
  7. Now I learning to play rythem guitar on my brothers gibson 12 string, now my question is do I isolate the notes I want to play (ex. if im playing a D chord, do I hit all 6/12 strings?) When strumming a fast song What is the best way to keep the fast rythem with out all the extra noise?
  8. dan electro DC 59 makes a great slide guitar and open tuning guitar, it has a masonite body which almost gives a dobro/acouqsic sound
  9. When I first started playing bass, I taught myself, what was a comfortable hand postion, what sounded good, and just observe what other bassist were doing. I took lessons after playing self taught for 8 months, I became twice as good when I took lessons. I think they are great tool.
  10. i just watched it, man im speechless. again "what are people thinking" do people think they are funny by singing a song horribly. the whole duet thing is just awful. the guitar didnt sustain enough. the camra quality didnt help either. oh and my name is Jordan (jessenoahs other half)
  11. what this video and it will make you wanna strangle yourself with a rusty wire *jokes and comment accepted
  12. Ill one up ya lets call this genere "Ninentendo Death Metal" My brother has always told me "its not how fast you play, its how you play fast"
  13. great another "i hate jonaaaaaassssssssss brother thread" they are the like the group "hanson" from the 90's a bunch of young prepy boys who play pop music so 15 year old girls can screem at how cute there haircuts look. You know I think they might be good musicans, i think they might be sell outs. what do you think?
  14. eric clapton came out said rock was dead as well. as long as there is a guitar, bass, drums, and vox. rock and roll will never die. in fact, people have tired to dismantle it by playing "keytars " and other electrical guitar making noise boxes lol when you listen to most songs(lets say from 2000 to 2009) , listen to the formats of how they are played. a good portion of them is played in a 1/4/5 progression. a good rock progression. I think music has changed from "cool guitar solos" to "cool lyrics, catchy chorus, cool beat" in other words, they like songs they can relate, remember, and dance horribly too. there is so much technology now to make diffrent sounding music, (like the GNR Chinese dem.)
  15. there is no quailty tv shows anymore, its all reality ( like MTV ) I understand that it cost alot of money to make scripted TV series and its cheap to make a reality TV show but come on.
  16. Old rap is cool, new rap is just "cookie cutter" for me now. all its about is sex, drugs and money...thats it. country is too pop. it needs to be played with wash boards, jugs, fiddles, and classical guitars. disco, wow uhhh idk about that one. but show we talk down on these people who are exploring new things? is being creative is bad?
  17. i hate classical music just sweared alot, CAPSLOCK was actually smart about trying to defend himself. i though he would inflict a virus on the gibson website jk
  18. The Butthole Surfers BY FAR THE WORST NAME
  19. i watched it. super funny but gosh that song is like someone giving me a paper cut and squirting lemon jucie on it.
  20. this is one of them. http://cgi.ebay.com/Triple-3-THREE-NECK-Electric-GUITAR-7-12-STRING-CASE_W0QQitemZ110336386281QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar?hash=item110336386281&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A2%7C65%3A3%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318 for me I dont see the point, I do understand if you playing a song with alot of differnt dynamics then possibly, but is this overkill?
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