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  1. my brother is taking the class as well, he gets some crap from all those artist liberal starbuck drinking jazz major students (im not saying all of them are) because he plays his guitar as low as jimmy paige. when all the other students have there classical guitars higher than there eyebrows.
  2. better yet can i put my top romin in the wine glass?
  3. where do i put the box of pizza?
  4. I play my bass lower than my waist, but i tilt my bass up alot.
  5. im taking a jazz class in college, its really cool stuff that some of these musicans are playing very complex/groving music. Its fun to play, great to listen too. its almost like everybody is soloing at once.
  6. depends where you live, some cities only offer certin types of sences of that support the type of music you want to play, others may not have a lot of musicans. My town: Emo/Hard core/Punk/indie/Rap nothing wrong with that just not my cup of tea
  7. when I take a look at music in general and the format the songs are written, about 1/2 of them is made in a 1/4/5 progression (your typical blues progression) I dont think blues will ever die
  8. my job is the best, college football is very rewarding. I also do flooring, carpet, and babysit
  9. creed was cool, the singer was the biggest let down. the singer was (sorry for the lack off a better term) jackaaaaasssssssssss and he only wanted to perform when he felt like it.
  10. i dont remember, but i kinda do, so eye dee kay vaugely EDIT* i hate when i post under my brothers name lol
  11. to be really honest, just buy a plank of wood, put the emgs on it put some stings over and play, because its going to sound the same no matter what guitar you have.
  12. lol hahahahahahahaha thats such a rip off jess. you can buy 38,000 telecasters for 3.7 million dollers i really dont know the math but you get my drift
  13. Basshole


    So i herd they were changing the names of the gibson fourms and changing to the "100% 24/7 365.25 day a year Thunder god fourm" anybody know when this is taking affect?
  14. ok i have 2000 usd the tone im looking for is 1.Trebley for very punchy tone 2.something that would sound good with octavater and chrous 3.I also like a warm jazzy sound the lighter the guitar the better. I like the feeling of les pauls. what do you think would be a good fit.
  15. ii all seems like crap, i think gobal warming is happening but the earth isnt going to die. WE ARE. The earth has gone through alot in the last 128 billion years or about 3000 years if your christian what does george carlin have to say http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljNDbKpusT0
  16. i read everything too, arguing on the internet is about as pointless as trying to talk to a def person. I like this fourm, its great but kids (i mean younger adults) are starting to mess it up.
  17. I def like the SG junior. it has a very cool, simple looks to it. the black on it just looks a whole lot better too
  18. were i live there is tons of emo kids. What makes up a emo kid? 1.Straight hair 2.Sister jeans 3.face jewlery 4.Tight fitting or abstract clothing What do (the hard core emo kids) act like 1.They act very sad and hate rules and governing 2.They try to get attention in any form possible 3.at concerts they stand perfectly still 4.They have the tendency to change there image every so offten My thoughts? 1.Most of them portray to these descriptions but they are people too, i wouldnt hate them. Its really just a phaze and they tend to grow out of it. 2.Kids are just trying to fit in with the crowds 3.we all fall short from the glory of god (thunder god that is):D/
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