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  1. I like "The Rev" from avenged sevenfold. that guy is nuts
  2. There is no chin behind thunder gods beard. There is only another fist.
  3. always play relaxed, dont be like SRV and grip the guitar till you choke it to death. so gentle grip on your playing hand. and try to keep a straight wrist on your strumming hand.
  4. lol i know thunder god, unlike my brother, im actually very inteligent and not gay
  5. so which viking is thundergod in that music video. i gave up already.
  6. good luck finding a drummer, most of them are very unreliable. Im not saying all but most. You have a better chance pf teaching you little sister to play drums than finding a drummer.
  7. If your going to san fransico-scott mackenzie
  8. unless your a collector then dont worry about it, its what makes your guitar special to you.
  9. Basshole

    Is this fake?

    idk those strings look chinese to me lees pual
  10. wow were was this a couple of days ago when we had are little problem. this seems pefect for it, in all aspects
  11. Jimmy Paige and John paul jones..... done
  12. LilKenny is just mad because his mommy wont call me daddy.
  13. from the people who brought you catty black and black kramer to kramer Black to the future seen that family guy epi.
  14. uhhhhh im not following you. see i said the whole KFC thing because i like Kentucky fried chicken and i know bucket head wears a kfc thing on his head. now i know im just being redundent, but please make a joke that is understandable to the following refrence.
  15. here is my thinking Is it better to play a low wattage head through high wattage cab Is it better to play a high wattage head through a low wattage cab or low watt for both or high watt for both
  16. now i dont wanna lead you on ksg but you can call me jordan. (thats my real name)
  17. idk those guitar strings look chinese to me. jk
  18. Idk russel crowe in that movie was a major badass, he could get the ladies just by commenting on green eyes, he was a feared criminal, and he liked poetry and was artist (drawing). COME ON
  19. agreed and ksg you know im messing with ya.
  20. thunder god were can i watch your "epic viking death metal music videos?":] i dont know the genere or how to spell in this case
  21. I guess if the price didnt go up on pre-aged guitars than i wouldnt mind it.
  22. I think the best thing for caps lock is that he needs to hold off on the jokes and smartness for awhile and just ask questions about guitars and such. I pray that you are here for guitar related things, not just roiting around this place, stiring up the water.
  23. A jay turser hollow body, it was a very nice playing guitar, it had ok hollow body sound. but other than that for $150 its not bad
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