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  1. its kinda lame that the price of guitar is more simply because it has his name on the truss rod cover. given that slash is on of the greatest guitarist of all time.
  2. sHOW me how to line- audioslave
  3. but answer your question im stright, your mom wasnt home this weekend so, yea:-" just kidding but seriously she wasnt
  4. hmm that was good, im not shure what to say:-k you got me idk im stumped
  5. lol "KSG you know how i know your gay, you like cold play"
  6. if you ban him it will just give him more reason to make a new name, and continue to be a annoying person. but on the other hand you have to make this a user friendly environment.
  7. I read the posts he (Caps Lock) wrote. It seems normal, you attack some one they are going to get defensive. I guess its just the way he did it, he tryed to make jokes and then tried to defend his dignitiy on the web is very hard to do. the matter at hand and it back fired on him. You guys being the funny guys you are jumped all over him (im not saying this is the problem but he took it the wrong way). Then it turned into personal attacks, and then on and on.
  8. my bro never plays it, he says he cant play radial necks or whatever, he doesnt like the tone(i dont like it either, to brittle sounding for my taste) . idk the strat got some major mojo though.
  9. Slashes epi gold top sells for $1000 bucks new? why would anyone buy a epi for K. Yes it has slashes name on it but come on. If you had a $1000 would you buy it?
  10. omg jesse guitar number 6 #7 ? how many do you need? enough so that u can make teepees out of guitars?
  11. i found Sacramento, CA to be a fair store, def not bad, not impressvly good. There is a couple guys in there who really know there guitar stuff, the other guys are good enough to get the guitar down off the wall and of course all the rocker chicks with black hair walking around smiling and asking if you need help with anything. there problem (or maybe the buyers problem) is i havent seen a diffrent guitar up yet in a while. its allways the same thing. they never seem to restock until they really really have too. i have gotten sweet deals from there i bought a USA Jazz Bass from there that usally cost $1000 for $800
  12. i have them on all my basses, they have never failed me once, i move around alot, throw my guitars around and they have never failed. just always inspected them before use.
  13. i just go there for the hot chicks who work at the front desk=p~ :P dayum there are some fine ones
  14. the jonas brothers and all other pop teen sensations are like 80's disco, its just a faze, something that will be short lived and you will forget like you forgot about hanson from the 90's. this is what people look in music nowadays catchy chorus cool beat lyrics that makes sense no drum solos, guitar solos or solos of any type. no metaphores for lyrics that actually have to make you think. eric clapton said music is dead. what do you think?
  15. umm you spell "two shay" "touche" but you already knew that didnt you. i just type way to fast, i never see what i type.
  16. i have a gig tomarrow im serving new years dinner to old ladies @ my grandma's new years eve party
  17. great jesse just another excusses for you to barg in my room at 12 oclock at night and brag to me how cool your new les paul is. dont you have enough guitars. just the other day i went to open my closet door and there were two of your guitars in there. is there enough room in the house for another one? honestly just give me a paper cut and squirt some lemon jucie on it.
  18. it seems that there is always a problem with these robot style guitars. the first robot guitar from gibson, people had cases were the guitar tuned itself during delivery (air, ground, whatever) and it fractured the neck and head stock. i see these ways, if aint broke dont fix it, haste makes waste, and good things take time.
  19. What makes a tremolo bridge special? i see a whole bunch of screws and other stuff. but what does a guitarist get out of using this peice?
  20. GC already gives discounts on floor models, i understand this. but GC is slowly i repeat slowly losing money, im shocked that they didnt included it free with purchase, esp in time were money is in a crunch. anything to make a buck
  21. You know, my brother is selling his JCM800 2210, it can play EVERYTHING depending on how you EQ it.
  22. thanks guy i just wanted to know before i buy a vintage highwatt and use my FENDER STARCASTER through it.
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