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  1. now this may sound like a stupid question to most of you guys, but ive been listening to my brother and listen to other guitarist play. To get the desired tone, which do you need more the amp or the guitar. You either have a crappy guitar through a good amp or a good guitar through a crappy amp. which is more important? like a les pual through a solidstate peavey or peavey guitar through a marshall or whatever.
  2. well its not so much the instruments, its the emo part, im not saying its bad, but THATS ALL THERE is in this town, you have emo and rap, and country is is in the next town over. i was raised on music based off instruments not on lyrics. were lyrics were things that were put in songs to fill in between guitar solos. so sorry but eric clapton is right music is dying.
  3. word of adivce, never put hair on a hot tube, it smells bad.
  4. I think the people who did the red alert 2 music was acctualy the band crossfade
  5. its the only amp, that if you really try hard enough, it wont distort
  6. edgar alan winters "frankinstien" (i think i spelled that right) and since im a rush fan "YYZ" its not the best but def. has its place
  7. im going to have to go with a dan electro Honeytone amp. 9vt of pure of volume, treble, mid, and bass never to loud and all you need is a pair of pants to carry it.
  8. For the longest time ive been trying to help sell my brothers 1984' JCM 800 for him. I set the price at $1000 and see what i get. Most of it was abunch of lowball offers and nothing else. It seems to me that people are only intertested in crap gear. Like epiphone and such. In my town thats all these little emo kids ever play is a epi LP through Line 6 spider amp. It pisses me off that no one wants good tone or style for this matter. what is going on?
  9. it would have to be a set neck epiphone (Wires and such), how would they cut the price down?
  10. ive tried everything, the only thing that worked was to tune everything up a octive
  11. If you out on the road and you could only take your main guitar and a back-up, what would your seconed guitar be? and why?
  12. My brother needed a bass player, and since no one in this town cant play bass worth a damn, and since there is no one avaible. I picked up my bass and kept the rythm while he played solos all day.
  13. the one that power the jonas brothers tape recording when they're playing live
  14. your a man of simple logic i like that in a non sexual way and yes im his younger bass playing brother
  15. No come on it doesnt matter if you play the guitar faster than red barchetta, you have to look cool doing it. Find a guitar that you can at least look at, then play it. If you and the guitar connect, you found your guitar.
  16. Im trying to buy a 12 string that has a decesnt sound and look, I wanna spend somewere betwenn $350 and $600. Any ideas what might be a good idea.
  17. Basshole

    Strap locks

    Well ive had them (dunlop) and i never had no problem, even if you dont use the straplock, the button is super wide and you can always just use thoses. But you have to watch out sometimes you get lemons and the screw can break off.
  18. for the price, you wont find nothing better, my head (or as my bro would say his head) is a great lil 5 watts of goodness, i have the head with treble, bass, and volume. not just the volume type. the great thing about it is its a direct single path so you are getting pure tone. plus its easy to carry and compact so you can put it in cubby when not in use.
  19. i almost trade my fernandes lebj-1 bass for a framus 12 string. thats like a $225 bass for $400 guitar. i guess sometimes the buy is almost as stupid as the seller.
  20. how about take the exact same guitar and stick in you knnow were, body first. this would would esp. suck if the guitar had pointer knobs.ouch
  21. who Try to trade crap gear for vintage gear on craigslist or other website like that. Hi i want to trade my epiphone junior for your vintage fender strat. Cmon now. are people stupid or just cheap?
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