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  1. I would just leave it how it is.

    Put the strap button on the opposite side horn.


    I remember a famous black guitarist who did this to his guitar. I can't remember his name.




    when It comes to electronics, there are two thoughts in my mind.



    1.Is it a need or a want?


    which leads to number


    2.Is it worth it to reroute the wood for the proper electronics?





    I would honestly just leave it besides, It has some serious MOJO when it is flipped.

  2. Jimmy Paige used "Dan Electro DC-59" a cheap Montgomery Wards Guitar?













    In the 1960's wasn't that the equivalent to a "First Act" of 2009?









    It's a mental thing I suppose, the more money you put into something you expect it to be good. But sometimes when you don't think about it all that much, it turns out to be not half bad.

  3. How many PRS's have you played. Sorry I keep forgetting your vast experience with guitars. Your not even

    dry behind the ears. They all look great and I'll bet they all play great. I haven't heard AreNine complain about

    any of his. You just post to get your count up what a waste.





    Round One







  4. I wonder if they make 27 fret basses?

    Seems like a good idea, walking bass lines would be a breeze.




    This guitar that he has inspired is going to turn out like a retarded Swiss Army knife.

    Sure it has a lot of features. But isn't that why guitarist usually have 1,3,5,7,9,11 different guitars with different features.



    A Stratocaster w/single Coils and Tremolo, A Les Paul with Hum bucking pick-ups, A Jackson with a Floyd Rose, A Yamaha with Scalloped Frets, so on and so forth



    Every tool in the tool box. It makes no sense.




    With the money you are spending kid, you could buy all the guitars I just listed.







  5. Cool B*******!

    I remember those Acoustic heads. When I first started out 30 years ago (:-({|= )our singers bro had one and our bassist would always use it.

    Nice one mate.[wink]


    Never seen the matching w-bin looking cabs though?


    Very cool, do you know what kinds of models they had?



    well, I got my first Acoustic 136 not knowing anything about it. Then I started to like it. Then I liked it so much I just had to get another one.

  6. I think Californiacation has to be there greatest work of art, There is a lot killer songs (meaning radio play) on that CD.






    are they great as The Beatles?



    No, but "MOSTLY" everyone likes them regardless of musical taste. You can't really hate em' unless you really try too.




    When they do a song right, they can make a pretty awesome song.

    I think a lot of it gets annoying though, you can only have so much slap bass and triplets on a snare for so many songs until you want to commit suicide out of boredom.

  7. My local Guitar Shop has some nice instruments in stock and some lower end instruments. Whatever they don't have in stock they can usually get in no time at all, They set it up and get it in playing shape. They treat me well. They can match GC prices on everything except guitar strings.






    They also know a lot more about Guitars and Amps too then you GC Guitar "Specialist".

  8. I have to observe from my side that' date=' even in the most ''advanced'' and ''civilized'' societies of our world, it is not yet established the fact that violence, domestic or not, is no longer neither an efficient nor an acceptable way of resolving differences.[/quote']


    Yes because violence has never solved anything except, Terrorism, Slavery, Fascism, Socialism, Imperialism...




    Speak softly and carry a big stick.

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