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  1. "All indeed the worlds a stage and we are merely players"
  2. Pepsi is sweeter but I like the more bitter taste of coca cola.
  3. The movie was good but it wasn't that good. It was good for what it was. A Zero to Hero does the right thing and gets the girl in the end. It's suppose to make the viewer feel good.
  4. Oh what a great Superbowl to be if it were Vikings and Jets Bret Farve you know who I'm talking too.
  5. In all honesty I like Jazz, I took a class last semester and I had a great time in that class learning and listening to Jazz. Some of it is really cool and makes you want to listen more and other puts you to sleep and sounds random. I really like Jaco Pastorius, He is my one my favorite bass players. Weather Report has some good songs.
  6. I like Death Metal Jazz Not as much as I like Thrash Bebop...
  7. When I was younger I went to a Bunker capable of with standing a atomic blast. It's now a police communication center. It was in Oakland I believe, it was low to the ground and it had a "window" that had a red glow to it. They said that window was the key to the bunkers strength, something about it keeps the radiation out.
  8. Out by San Fransisco they have all the WWII bunkers still intact, you can walk inside of them and look around. Some of them are pretty tiny and others are of course pretty big. They are a part of national park now Some were converted to AA missile defense bunkers and then later taken out. All pretty cool sites out there.
  9. I got a brand new 2008 Fender Jazz Bass for $700 with case Then I sold it for more money.
  10. I am a Bassist, I thought it was kind of funny to included the "hole" to the end of it because if you remove the "B" then... you know Not to say I am one, just trying to be funny.
  11. That Joaquin Phoenix guy, he did some movies before he started a musical shot. I don't think it's working for him. A white Guy doing Rap with a beard.
  12. Jaco is interesting character, how he works on stage and his body language. I guess that explains his bipolar disorder.
  13. He and Tom Scholz, great at everything. Tom did everything in Boston's albums besides the vox and drums.
  14. Just curious of all the guitarist of this forum and who they admire as a bass player from the great era' of Music.
  15. I kinda like "trucks" too, but It wasn't really scary. more funny than anything.
  16. I try to Listen to the Local Classical Station when I get the chance, very relaxing and cool in it's own sort of way. I listen to Rob, Artie and Dawn in the morning on 98.5 in Sacramento, they are your main stream rock station. Boneyard on Sirius is cool though...
  17. Do your normal post reply. Get the Link from the youtube (http// thing) highlight the link. then hit the [bB/] you will see youtube url poster.
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