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  1. No' date=' no, no, a thousand times no, Ba$$hole. Never! And I'm very sorry to have given that impression. I have no reservations about your integrity or gentility towards women. It is only your thought that manhood is somehow connected to one's ability to physically control someone else. Had nothing to do with your attitude towards women. [/quote']


    Manhood is serving others before you serve yourself...

  2. Yes' date=' to a great extent it is youth. Uncorrected it becomes an adult attitude. I'm afraid I know of a lot of men of greater years and experience than Ba$$hole who, to some degree, share his point of view. My older Son, now 40, is one of them.







    Cruz, I am 6'4 240Lbs. Football Player, I have NEVER touched a woman in harmful way.


    I'm sorry if you think I'm some punk who thinks it's cool to shove around a woman.

  3. In all honesty I like Jazz, I took a class last semester and I had a great time in that class learning and listening to Jazz.


    Some of it is really cool and makes you want to listen more and other puts you to sleep and sounds random.


    I really like Jaco Pastorius, He is my one my favorite bass players. Weather Report has some good songs.

  4. +1. Anyone who would ever hurt a woman (no matter what she did to them) deserves to get the sh*t beaten outta him every day in prison. you NEVER hit a woman' date=' under ANY circumstances. Period. [/quote']









    Imagine all the husbands in Jail.


    If it came to a situation like that I would try to block her blows and then subdue her. If your not strong enough to physically control a woman, you need your man card revoked.

  5. When I was younger I went to a Bunker capable of with standing a atomic blast. It's now a police communication center. It was in Oakland I believe, it was low to the ground and it had a "window" that had a red glow to it. They said that window was the key to the bunkers strength, something about it keeps the radiation out.

  6. Out by San Fransisco they have all the WWII bunkers still intact, you can walk inside of them and look around. Some of them are pretty tiny and others are of course pretty big. They are a part of national park now


    Some were converted to AA missile defense bunkers and then later taken out.



    All pretty cool sites out there.

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