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  1. In the town that I live in, that's all there is "scremo" they have there own venue though. It's a interesting show to say the least, a bunch of kids in there little sisters jeans jump around while the crowd acts like a bunch of zombies. When being played live, it all sounds like (sorry for the lack of better term) Mush. You can't distinguish notes, vocals, or tone. But I guess that doesn't matter when you are playing to a crowd to a bunch of boys and girls who think dressing sad is cool. on the other hand, as long as kids are making some type of music, more power to them. And as long as kids like that style, there will always be a market I suppose. I really want to know what classical guitarist thought of people playing electrical guitars and rock and roll when it first came out. Wonder what there feelings were.
  2. Here is mine, not a *real* fender. It's custom built bass.
  3. Basshole

    18 or 16

    16 games seems plenty, with injuries and fatigue. I'm not sure if they need any more games. Not to mention the 4 extra games in preseason. Maybe have only two preseason games and then have 18. It would generate more money which the NFL really needs.
  4. Everything you need to know about Global Warming... [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOOc5yiIWkg[/YOUTUBE]
  5. I played Football with big sweaty offensive/defensive linemen. after four months on a turf field grabbing, sweating, hitting each other. We got use to the foul stench of our shoulder pads and locker room.
  6. Don't spend too much money, If you are spending more on parts then it is worth. It's not worth it.
  7. Very cool, I'm glad there other kids out there who like 60's-70's Rock and Roll. That sounds like a cool idea, me and my bro do a Tom Sawyer/Spirit of Radio/Working Man Melody.
  8. If I get one will I be able to play just like Slash or at least look like him?
  9. Franklin Straps are the way to go, I have them for both of my basses. They are very comfortable, they can keep a "nose dive" from happening, and they got looks too. I turned my brother on to them too, he has one for his double neck and he loves it.
  10. I have never really used a EQ, I've always just been a bass/treble/volume guy. I would like to incorporate the 5-Band EQ into my sound. What is a good way to do this, what is the basic EQ setting for bass? Granted I should try to find a sound I like but I would still like some input.
  11. Always try to plan at least a month in advance, that way you have plenty of time to inform the band and they can set that date aside. Have to make sure that people in your band have priorities straight. What is more important.
  12. Ive seen the new one's, yet to play the old ones built in the 80's I'm sure they make fine amps too. They only reason I got turned on to "Acoustic" amp was my brother traded one of the extra drum sets we had for a 136 combo. I feel in love ever since. I would really like to try out a Sunn Head and wonder why they are so expensive.
  13. I was surprised how well it has been maintained, yes some of the knobs are missing. It still seems very crsip.
  14. I really really really like Derrick and the Domino's - "Lay down Sally" It's just so cool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EivR78mrRFE
  15. I haven't gigged with it yet, I have cranked it and it gets loud, Good tone. Much more reliable and louder than tubes, I used to have a Super Bassman 135. This thing kicks balls.
  16. Indeed, when I was in High School, I was a Conflict Manager. Half of all problems were due too, issues on Face Book or My space. There is drama due to the written word and how it is interpreted. People I think just over-react and are a bit immature.
  17. Acoustic Control Corp. 220 built around 1978-1982 Extremely Powerful Amp, Graphic EQ=Tone Monster My brother also uses it as a guitar amp. For $100 It seems like a very good pick up. Just though I would share...
  18. I know this is off comment but the bass solo is also a tough one to get. I do enjoy the sound it has though.
  19. http://members.tripod.com/blue_lena/guitar2.html
  20. I'm not certain how someone could use this bass/guitar. If the bass player is going to have to keep the bottom end, when would he have a chance to use the guitar.
  21. Lets see... Three 370 Acoustic Corp. Bass Cabs and heads and One 1964 Pre Cts Sunburst Fender Jazz Bass. In all honesty I told him he should get a Telecaster and a find Greco 3 pick up Les Paul
  22. Like, is there anything you would want to change about yourself? I'm watching this show with my mom about people and plastic surgery. And how they are not happy with them self. Now I'm not the best looking guy around but I got self confidence, and I wish I had a six pack (for Christmas please). Would you change anything about you? There is always something we don't like about ourselves, but we find ways to look over them.
  23. Listen to this guys, this is what I'm talking about, with out JPJ soloing the song looses it's power.
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