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  1. Of course there are a lot great albums, but what was a album that took the US by storm?
  2. I found my pick. http://cgi.ebay.com/Electric-Bass-Guitar-Fretless-Headless-Vampire-Bad_W0QQitemZ360099574276QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar?hash=item53d79b7204
  3. Watch this movie, it pretty much sums it up...
  4. Get the fancy Line 6 Pedal Board thing-o-mo-bob with 6 billion different settings and a place to put your bear. You will get every sound from Chicano and Santana, pretty much the whole spectrum.
  5. Some say the magnetic north and south poles changing sides will be catastrophic on the earth as we know it... Oh no! Are toilets will be flushing opposite way's!
  6. Hey Jesus had long hair, and if we were created in his image, then... Jesus was also persecuted for being different. I guess I am not so different after all...
  7. I have a set of cheap bass strings on my number one right now, and I actually like them every much. Give a nice treble sound. But you won't find bass strings under $15
  8. Hey Gibson Kid, your rush quote should be a Shakespeare quote. he did say it before Getty did.
  9. One country will build it's military up to unprecedented heights to wage war on all other nations. Nations will join alliance with one another against this one country. This has happened before, The past will only repeat itself.
  10. I think people forget that he is a human being too, you may not like him because of how he acts or what he thinks, but he still is a human being and should be treated right and not like a dog. my .02 be kind, for everyone is fighting a intense secret battle. -Plato
  11. I honestly like when "Milod" posts something, I feel like I learn more wisdom in one paragraph than in a year of living.
  12. I didn't think this thread would get any hits, certainly surprised me When I said I hate cover bands. I really wanted to say Tribute bands and i really hate the girl from the band "The Darkness"
  13. I use Franklin Straps, Three inch leather straps. They have a good look and support the weight of my bass.
  14. Somethings in the musical world that really annoy me 9. Cover Bands 8. Guitar Center "Guitar Specialist" and "door whores" 7. Emo/Scremo Music 6. Slap Bassists 5. Phil Collins 4. Steve Vai 3. The Jonas Brothers 2. Church Sound Guys 1. 9 String Bass Guitars
  15. Sometimes Epiphone messes up and makes a good guitar, but a good majority (and I would say 75% of the time) of Epiphone's are poorly set up, can't stay in tune, and have the sound of a duck getting slammed in between a fire truck door.
  16. I have never liked having two guitars in one band. I believe this whole notation of having one rhythm and one lead is a lazy mind set, Plus a lot more toes get stepped on if you know what I mean. Guitarist should be able to do both. With this said the Bass player and drummer must be in perfect rhythm to fill the gaps when a guitarist solo's. And still the bass player must be just as crazy as the guitarist soloing and still stay in rhythm with the drummer. That's how I play, When my brother solos, I'm right there with him.
  17. That one lead guitarist from the band "Heart" he has some really cool licks. That one lead guitarist from the band "UFO" he plays some killer shreds. Niel Shawn and Rick Derringer.
  18. Girls like me because I play football and wear tight football pants Girls like me because I play music and wear tight Denim Jean pants. **Most girls (and I would say 98%) don't even notice what you are playing musically. They notice: If you are having fun you interact with them (waving, smiling, pointing) What you are wearing and how your overall figure and style. Guys notice what you play because they wanna steal your licks. Why do you think people go to a rush concert? To watch the way they play there instruments. Why do you think people go to a kiss concert? To watch the way they perform on stage. Its very seldom the other way around.
  19. 1 question I would ask myself if I were buying a bass is "Nut width", Don't buy a bass that is uncomfortable to play EX. A P bass has a wider nut width than a jazz bass. The best bass for the money is Ibanez SDGR "Soundgear" bass. The bass practically plays itself and has a wider range of tones than most $300 Basses on market. I would also look into some vintage basses as well; The Fender "lawsuit" models I.E Hondo, Fernandez, ect...In matter of fact alot of those basses were built in the same factory as Fender, they just couldn't have the same head stock shape. and not to mention all those other companies back into the 1980's like; Peavey, Carvin, Guild ect... Most of those brand were built in the USA and constructed like a tank
  20. Reason I picked up a bass: My brother He needed someone to jam with and I thought bass would be fun to learn. Biggest inspiration: Getty Lee I don't have to be a simple minded bass player and just rumble on one note, instead find notes that fit on that one cord while keeping in time with the drummer. Since then I've been listening more and more to John Entwistle, John Paul Jones, and Joco P From Weather Report. And been creating my own sound through a blend of those for bassist.
  21. Two football seasons for me so far, I'm looking to throw Shot, Jav, Disk, and Hammer in Track and Field this up coming year. Any of you guys play college sports?
  22. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle......
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