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    Sorry my wrong, it should be a pre-check list with the serial on it.
  2. kelv_w

    Case candy

    I think they've discontinued the Custom Care packs with the Custom Shops these days. The only thing you probably would get is the COA, some adjustment literature, user manual and warranty card. I wonder why? R9 is right about the USA line of guitars. You don't get much with it but you should at least have a COA?
  3. more reason to post Here's mine CC#1 MelvynFranks. MF and R8 VOS and the groupie shot.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Will be cool to have some background info as well. Here's one I saw last weekend. I would say the tops on all 3 in the store were pretty consistent. Btw the pics below are from the same guitar.
  5. I'm just wondering why is there no information on the Gibson website regarding the Melvyn Franks, despite it being shipped to dealers now. Similarly to the AFD VOS?
  6. Here's an Iced Tea bought last year
  7. Hmm your dealer should get it sent back to Gibson. That's what mine did. You would then receive a RMA number. Gibson has agreed to send me a new one in return.
  8. I had similar problems with my 10 month old '09 Standard (HoneyBurst), although not as severe. My binding started cracking at the bottom of the body to the point I was able to wedge a paper through. My TRC has started to crack as well. I suspect the wood was expanding. However humidity is at average 57% which I don't think is that high to cause any problems.
  9. Thanks for the link, I've missed that posting. I've had the Standard sent back to Gibson awhile back as they've agreed to replace it under warranty. Although not an issue now, but was just thinking if the problem will occur again with the new replacement, hence the thread. Wasn't sure if it's a defect or chambering that caused it, but thanks for clearing it up.
  10. Thanks for the reply, i have a hygrometer to monitor the temp and humidity. It doesn't vary too much with an average 59% during winter and drops to 50% with the heating on which I don't do very often. The fretboard is fine with no signs of cracks or dryness. However the strange thing is, my truss rod cover begun to have cracks at the bottom. It does stays in the case when not played. I do find it strange that it develops these cracks on the body binding and TRC after 10 months.
  11. Hi guys I'm just wondering if a chambered LP susceptible to humidity as a semihollow guitar? Reason I am asking because my LP Standard '09's body binding has cracked and as told by my Luthier, it could be the wood shrinking/expanding?
  12. It looks pretty dirty around the pickup rings. The grain is pretty normal on the VM although yours looks quite prominent. A quick brush and a few application of the Gibson pump polish should do the trick.
  13. It's kinda growing on me... very much like the BFG is a weird way.
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