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  1. Absolutely stunning acoustic, congrats for you NGD! Never saw an AJ45 with those neck inlays before...is it a limited run?
  2. Just wondering if anyone had the chance to do an A/B test between the "old" IB64 and the new Masterbilt. The main spec difference should regard the side wood (solid on masterbilt, mahogany on IB64). I've always wanted a Texan, and I'm in doubt if buying one of the last available IB64 (which costs 50% less than a masterbilt) is worth or not. Thank you
  3. The general rule is "EJ200CE=laminated top" while "EJ200SCE=solid top". But I've read in a couple of forum topics that some later Epiphone EJ200CE have actually a solid top even if they are not marked with the "S" (EJ200SCE) on the label. So I contacted the Gibson customer care asking if my EJ200CE (made in Indonesia on May 2014) has laminate or solid wood top. They answered that according to the serial number I’ve mentioned, the guitar in question should have solid top. This is just to confirm that the general rule has its own exceptions
  4. Update: according to the pictures in this topic, the label sticker could seem legit...
  5. Thank you Sparquelito! Has anyone else ever seen a label like that?
  6. I'm considering to buy a Korean Casino, but the label inside the f hole seems a little bit strange. Actually the colour and font of the "Casino" writing is different from the rest. Moreover, Guitar Dater says that this Epi is Korean built, but I thought that in 2012 all Casinos were made in China. Any ideas? Thank you!
  7. I'm lusting so bad for the ES-390 with minis. It would be great to see an Epiphone version of it (basically a Casino coupe with minis). Would you buy it? And what is the easiest way to create something similar without actually buy the Gibson original? Thank you all!
  8. Ciao a tutti, mi sono appena iscritto a questo forum per fare una domanda, non avendo trovato risposte adeguate cercando sul web. Sono un felice possessore di una Epiphone dot, che da qualche tempo a questa parte ha un problema: muovendo le dita premute sul battipenna (per intenderci, come fosse il touchpad di un pc), e solo sotto il pickup al ponte, la chitarra emette dei fruscii, come piccole interferenze. La cosa curiosa è che se le dita pur appoggiate al battipenna restano ferme non succede alcunché. Nessun problema ho ravvisato toccando direttamente il pickup, o facendo lo stesso movimen
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