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  1. CJN

    Floyd Rose

    Thanks! I have blocked the Floyd for dive-only. Is it important that the bridgeplate is totally paralell with the body? Mine is in a very slight tilt forward.
  2. CJN

    String gauge

    Which string gauge and brand does the 2019/2020 Kramer Baretta Vintage Come with? Thanks!
  3. CJN

    Floyd Rose

    Hi, Can I make the Floyd Rose-system on a 2019/2020 Baretta Vintage non-floating simply by tightening the claw so that the bridge sits flush to the body? Thanks!
  4. CJN

    Top Hats

    They are Gibson-branded. So they should fit any Gibson-guitar, regardless of model and age?
  5. CJN

    Top Hats

    Can I fit a set of Gibson Top Hat-knobs to my 2011 Les Paul Traditional? I tried to replace one of the original knobs, but the resistance was so great that I didn't dare to push it into place (the Top Hat-knob seemed to small)... Thanks!
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