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  1. Guitar Center along with their affiliates, Musician's Friend and Music 123 , are offering these Les Paul Specials for $599.99. They have 2 humbuckers and 1 Volume along with 2 Tone controls with a wraparound tailpiece . They come in 2 colors ,Vintageburst and Cherry . They're not on Gibson's website as far as the products section is concerned, so I would like to know if anybody has tried out any of these and what they think of them. Right now, I play a Epi Goth LP Studio and am somewhat on a low budget, so seeing that I will be getting my 1st Gibson very soon, that is what is within my budget
  2. I saw a video from Guitar World magazine where they gave that model a review . The sound from that model is great , so I don't think you'll be disappointed .
  3. I use D'Addarios 10-46 and always buy them by the 10 packs . This way I always have a spare set in case anything ever happens. Better to be safe then sorry I say .
  4. Right now, I only have 2 Epiphones which are a faded Vintage series G-400 and a Gothic Les Paul Studio. I'm hoping my wife is good to me come July when my B-Day gets here and buys me my 1st Gibson. I told her that Guitar Center is selling these Les Paul Specials ,which I think are exclusives to GC, for only $599.99. They have a wrap around bridge with 1 Volume and 2 Tone controls.
  5. IMO, Pro Tools and autotunes did a lot to kill the classic sounds of the recordings that us oldtimers are used to. If it was up to me , all music would be recorded on analog instead of digital .
  6. I ended up giving the remaining 4 packs of the Slinkys to my best friend. To me, they sounded too bassy. I'm sticking with my D'Addarios from now on.
  7. My dog farts and burps all the time just like I do, which pisses my wife off to no end. That probably explains why we're so close. LOL.
  8. Swamprock , There is a difference between the earlier models and the newer ones that are out now. Mine has a killswitch on it which enables me to get a single coil sound if I choose to. If you want to get one on the cheap , you can either go to E-Bay or go to www.GuitarCenter.com and click on their used gear section. When you get there, click on guitars and type in Epiphone at the top and make sure you hit " Nationwide ", form there you should be able to find a used one for around the 2-250 dollar mark. If you find one and do decide to put in a Graph-Tech NV-2 bridge, be aware that they do cos
  9. I've seen some pre-wired Les Paul Pot kits on E-bay for sale . You might want to take to a look at some of those .
  10. It was reported that he had passed away from liver failure and not a spider bite. He was known to be a heavy drinker.
  11. Good morning all. I did a couple of mods to my Goth LP studio as you can all see. First, I removed the pickguard which I never liked. I did order a Crème colored one which I was going to install on it but when it came in, it just didn't look right on it, so now that's collecting dust. I had also ordered some Gold top hat bell knobs from some dealer in China on E-bay but,when they came in, They would start to break when I tried to put them on the guitar. There was 9 bucks down the drain . Next I installed a brand new Graph-Tech NV-2 bridge which cost me $75.00 and was definitely worth it. This
  12. More than likely, these are made in China just as all Epiphones are , but that's not to say that they're bad guitars because they're not. It just means that they're limited editions. It could be limited because of the color more than likely or have Gibson pickups in it. Your best bet is to either try it out, or read the reviews on it. Good luck. Either way, I don't think you'll be disappointed .
  13. That is one butt ugly looking guitar and IMO, sounds like crap ! I wouldn't be caught dead playing something like that.
  14. I quit both smoking and drinking on the very same day, over 12 years ago and haven't looked back since.
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