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    Favourite musicians; Mahavishnu Orchestra, Trampled By Turtles, Joe Pass, Arvo Part, Dmitri Shostakovich, Neil Young, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Tal Farlow, King Crimson and a bunch of many others...
  1. Yeah, I've seen. He posted in a Gibson archtop group I'm in on Facebook! I commented 'very nice playing' on his video. Didn't expect him on there at all!
  2. I first saw Hot Club of Cowtown on Jools Holland in 2003. A truly excellent trio and Whit is a superb guitar player. They came to Leeds (near where I live) here in the UK the other month, but sadly I missed them. One day I hope to see them live and maybe get to chat to Whit about guitar. Continental Stomp (2003) is probably my favourite album by them. Check out Ida Red from that recording.
  3. I agree with jdgm. It's a great shame they have ignored archtops completely. At least Henry did introduce a lot of rarer models (such as the Tal Farlow and ES 5) back into the line up in the 90's. Having said that, the SG's and Les Paul's do look very nice, but can they please go back to the large headstock on the '61 SG's? Also, the new Epiphone LP and SG headstock I cannot get used to. My whole lifetime Epi have had the clipped headstock on LP's & SG's and changing it now it a bit like changing the Gibson headstock...wrong! It looks ok though, just preferred the clipped one.
  4. I must admit, I'm a bit sad to see the normal headstock for Epi LP's and SG's go. I always liked it. Unless they changed to a Gibson one it all seems a bit pointless to me. The new headstock is an old Epi design and the clipped ear headstock was an old Epi design, so really they have just replaced one old design for another. The new headstock looks more at home on semis and hollows in my opinion. It would have been nice to at least keep an option for the old headstock. The new guitars do look nice though.
  5. Larks Tongues was easily the best King Crimson album in my opinion, but Red is a close contender for 2nd place followed by Starless & Bible Black...and the live album USA is a good listen too. The early albums were very patchy and stuff like Islands wasn't great really. I've only heard a bit of their later albums, but they sound pretty good. It's a great shame the lineup of Fripp, Bruford, Wetton, Cross and Muir didn't last much longer.
  6. Haha!, that is a funny story. I think I have a few similar stories from my teenage years too
  7. Gary wins by a mile for me too as he was a very special and gifted player. The first album I ever got by him was Blues for Greeny and there is some fine playing on that. Sadly for Joe, I think he came on the scene too late to have as much of a lasting impression. I've never watched Joe and thought 'woah' that playing is incredible. He's a good player though.
  8. This thread has become quite interesting
  9. That is one sweet guitar and I love the natural finish. You don't see natural Standards too often. I'm one of the few who love gold hardware as much as nickel/ chrome, so it's all round beautiful in my opinion.
  10. Ah yes, that would make sense from a business point of view.
  11. Thanks for the info, I didn't get around to watching the full video. It does seem strange to call it the 'original collection', yet have some of the features slightly off. The old 61 reissues/ SG Original seem to be slightly closer to proper specs. That's sort of a shame, but I agree this new version does look beautiful. I'd be interested to know if you found a ground wire hole on your SG Original. Let us all know what you find. Regarding the headstock, it seems they have the wrong headstock on the 50's/ 60's Les Paul too. It looks like a large one from the images I've seen (though I'm not 100% sure). Seems strange they could make the 1960 Classic with a smaller headstock for years, but not bring it back for these models. Still, they too look like beautiful guitars.
  12. It's great they brought this back with the Lyre. It hasn't been available since 2013 when it was released as the SG Original. My favourite SG of all time, along with a late 60's walnut Custom. So, this does have a smaller headstock then? Not true to the originals.
  13. A lot of acoustic players in my area seem to prefer Martin. Although many Martin's are obviously great sounding and playing instruments I always gravitated towards Gibson. I think I generally see more Martin's on youtube videos though.
  14. Valid points I think you might take things too seriously? It's always interesting if you post a link to a band or artist and then people say it's rubbish (or worse). I imagine it's happened to everyone on here at some point. I actually like the song Country Feedback that was the original post and I like a fair few R.E.M songs, but I posted that other video because I prefer Neil and it was from the same concert, so thought the OP might find it interesting. A lot of people I know don't like R.E.M or Neil, but that's ok and it doesn't bother me. Edit, and going off topic slightly, but just out of interest how do you feel about Wes Montgomery? I was watching this last night and it's a tune I have loved for many years. I challenge you or someone else to say it's rubbish, but I guess someone out there will not appreciate his great playing
  15. Well yes, it could be that too
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