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  1. Yes, UYI 1&2 were the pinnacle of GN'R's songwriting ...though I did love Appetite, Lies & Spaghetti too. In terms of Slash's solo albums, the first Snakepit album is the best thing he ever did outside GN'R and it was great that Matt & Gilby (& even Dizzy) were on that one. Eric Dover was fantastic. Should have stuck with that line up...and got Duff in for GN'R minus Axl in the 90's.
  2. Sheryl has a lot of nice Gibson acoustics. Regarding her music, the first two albums were pretty good, but her third 'The Globe Sessions' is a fantastic album. She should have stuck with that style, but instead decided to go pop on the follow up. Haven't heard her later albums so maybe she returned to that style?
  3. This guitar always proves to me that Les Paul didn't have as much input in designing his model as he sometimes claimed to have and that Ted and his team were the main designers. Aside from the gold colour and trapeze bridge Les suggested Gibson already had the Les Paul in the hollow body ES 140 that came out before the Les Paul. From Wiki: The Gibson ES-140 is an electric guitar manufactured by the Gibson Guitar Corporation from 1950 to 1968. The ES-140 was designed to be a student model guitar targeted towards younger players and players with smaller hands. It is 3/4 scale hollow-body guitar with a single pick up. It may be seen as a scaled-down version of the Gibson ES-175; like the ES-175 it had an all-laminate construction, which allowed the cost of materials and construction to be kept down, as well as assisting in keeping feedback at higher volumes manageable. The ES-140T is a thinline version of the full-depth ES-140. In 1956 it replaced the original ES-140.
  4. In my early years (the 90's) my favourite guitarists were Slash, Angus Young, Joe Perry, Richie Sambora, Jimmy Page and Mark Makoway (from Moist). Since then I've listened to all types of music from simple to complex, from minimalism to highbrow arty stuff and I can tell you that the music that I enjoy the most is still the same bands and guitarists from my youth.
  5. Angus is still in my top 10 and it's around 32 years since I first heard AC/DC. Always loved his playing. You can always tell it's him.
  6. I always preferred BB's Live in Cook County Jail. Even though I like At The Regal I thought it was a bit overpraised. My favourite BB albums are Indianola Mississippi Seeds, Completely Well and LA Midnight.
  7. I still regularly play a Squier Affinity at jams/ open mics as I don't have to worry about it getting knocked etc. Cool guitars...it always played well and sounds ok considering it cost me £99 in 2001.
  8. The guitar that inspired me to play! I've watched the Illusion tour in Tokyo videos so many times since the 90's I've probably seen that Les Paul more than any other Les Paul on the planet. A beautiful guitar...along with the Goldtop.
  9. It's a big one for me...40. Still appear to be the youngest on the thread!
  10. That's true, but how much of the Beatles fame was due to a great marketing campaign, management and hype? This goes for a lot of bands that get huge. Obviously they had writing talent, but would they have ever been as big without the hype machine and media attention etc?
  11. Well, true. The charts aren't/ weren't always a sign of good music. Tons of truly great music never charted. I hadn't looked at what was in the top 40 until recently when I thought I should try and keep up with what's happening now with them a bit. Just interested if the Beatles still get to No.1.
  12. Hmmm, so the new Beatles song is out and it sounds ok. I imagine it will go to No.1, but I'm not so sure now with the way the charts have changed over latter years. Will it fit in with Miley Cyrus, Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish and a load of rap/ grime stuff? It'll be interesting to see how it does and it might also answer my original question in this thread alongside all the replies.
  13. As Sgt. Pepper said, you don't 'have to' like anything. I didn't get into Led Zep because everyone liked them, in fact when I was young in the 90's nobody I knew liked them at school or had even heard of them. I used to put 'Since I've Been Loving You' on the cassette player in our form room and everyone said they were ****. These were the people who listened to boy and girl groups of the 90's...I'm still pleased I wasn't one of them.
  14. Led Zep boring? Have you heard Archilles Last Stand?
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