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  1. I played my girlfriend Slash's solo into the Godfather Theme from the 1992 UYI Tokyo concert for the first time the other day. She said it was a racket and she didn't like it. I asked could she not appreciate the skill involved, but she didn't reply. I don't understand as it was always one of my favourite solos. Thankfully she likes Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Tracy Chapman and a lot of other good music though.
  2. Yes, I know Neil was and is a big Bob Dylan fan. He covered a few of his songs over the years and played on the same stage on a few occasions if I recall correctly 🙂
  3. It's a debate! I was only initially interested because of Whitefang's belief that Neil sucks and Bob is amazing from another thread where 4 or 5 people said Neil sucks! It's cool if they don't like Neil, but I found the idea that Bob is great and Neil is garbage a strange one. Just an investigation really. As someone on here once said 'everything is great and everything sucks'...depends on the listener I guess. There are some people on here who seem to think nearly everything sucks and that's the really 'weird' thing!
  4. The Johnny Winter cover is great. As Bob did, Neil has influenced countless musicians. I found your comment/ question a bit strange as Neil is hardly underground and has had an extremely successful career, so obviously he has inspired many musicians. The ones that come to mind are Nicolette Larson who charted pretty high with' Lotta Love'. Pearl Jam often covered 'Rockin' in the Free World' I'm not a big fan of either bands, but Oasis and Radiohead cited Neil as a big influence. If you Google or look on Wiki there are long lists of artists who were inspired by Neil. Just because you don
  5. Cowgirl in the Sand uninpressive? One of Neil's most famous and well written tunes? 🙄 The tune you posted is certainly interesting lyrically, but musically not so much. Sorry, but Neil beats Dylan in so many ways IMO. I guess we have to agree to disagree on this one!
  6. That looks cool. Sort of like a hipshot b bender from the look of it. Gibson did briefly make a Les Paul with a b bender in 2013 called the Music City Jr. I bought one in a sale for £599 around that time. It's a very cool guitar with p=90's and they sometimes come up for sale on Reverb. Worth looking out for if you are a b bender fan. Gibson Music City Jr. with B-Bender | Guitar World
  7. Gorgeous looking guitar...enjoy 😍
  8. I always loved Ballbreaker. Not too many people seem to like that album, but I thought it was way better than The Razors Edge (the album before it) and better than the albums that followed it. Probably the last great AC/DC album in my opinion, although I do like Stiff Upper Lip, Black Ice and Rock or Bust...they're just not as good as Ballbreaker. I haven't heard the latest one yet though.
  9. 'Stuck in mid yodel'...haha! I was surprised by the version of 'Gospel Plow' you posted, I could actually listen all the way through without feeling like I needed to turn it off as soon as he started singing! Not sure about 'Lay Lady Lay' though. I never much liked that song, but it's ok I guess. I think Dylan sometimes had the stronger lyrics, but Neil had the better songs. Did Dylan ever write a song as good as 'Cowgirl in the Sand'? If he did, I haven't heard it yet! Cowgirl in the Sand (Live) - YouTube Came back to edit to say, actually Boots of Spanish Leather is a f
  10. Whitefang, I saw a comment you left on the Neil Young thread and have to ask you...you like Dylan but not Neil? I find this interesting. Whilst Dylan is obviously a great lyricist and songwriter (though not all the time), his voice is possibly the worst sounding voice in history! I could never get past the talky moaning sound he produces. At least Neil could sing pretty well when he could be bothered - check out the Comes A Time album or his voice on Massey Hall. I like Dylan songs when covered by other artist who can sing, but the originals are tough to hear! I can sing better than Bob and I
  11. ...oh, actually, an original 1957 ES 5 Switchmaster to go with my 2010 reissue. I prefer humbuckers hence the year choice.
  12. Maybe a Super 400 or an original 1957 Les Paul Custom for me. I already have a 57 Custom Reissue made in 2009 which is an amazing guitar, but it would be cool to have one that was from 'The Golden Era' I guess. I always wanted a LP Artisan or the 1976 'The Les Paul' just because they look amazing...I've never tried one. Over the years I have built up a large collection, so I really don't need anything else. I should probably be selling a few instead.
  13. Very nice! I've never seen Slash play this before and he did a good job. I think almost as many people who dislike Neil dislike Slash too. Waiting for the Slash trashing comments next! I think Slash, the Eagles (and Neil) were/ are all great. Guns N' Roses were the band that got me into music back in the early 90's, so I will always have a huge amount of respect for Slash's playing...just listen to the solos in Perfect Crime or Locomotive.
  14. Haha! Well, that might well be so... I once saw a thread where someone went off on Neil calling him a big greasy 70's hippie. It reminded me of when I was in school and a friend of mine got called a 'mosher ginger w**ker', to which he replied 'yeah, I like mosher music, I have ginger hair and I like to w**k a lot, what's your point?!'
  15. I've been a fan of Neil's music since I was 16 or so (around 21 years now), but your post made me laugh a lot. Brilliant! The only thing I do take offense to is that I have often had greasy stringy hair and grubby jeans. There really is no need for such a personal attack 😉 😄
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