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  1. These transcriptions are really great, thanks for posting. I will attempt them at some point.
  2. Most of you guys have been married longer than I've been alive.
  3. I haven't seen it the Grammy's performance, but people saying Aerosmith haven't done anything good since Rocks is totally not true in my opinion. Nine Lives was the last great Aerosmith album, so maybe they haven't done anything good since 1997! Just Push Play should never have been released, but Music from Another Dimension had a few good songs. Anyway, Nine Lives was the last time Aerosmith really sounded like Aerosmith and the title track is a brilliant song.
  4. Thanks for the links. Interesting he does some bending on that 12 string in that last video. I never bend on a 12 string due to the nature of the instrument. That CJ165 rosewood looks really nice in the other video. I wonder why he switched from Guild to Gibson.? Growing up in the 90's I was a big GN'R fan, then followed Velvet Revolver and went to see them live around 2005, but after that I didn't pay as much attention. For me I always imagine Slash with his No.1 1987 Les Paul Standard or a Guild acoustic. Having said that, the J45 looks and sounds really great. He doesn't seem to have rema
  5. I watched a little bit. Shouldn't they have played clean for clearer results on bass (and treble) frequencies? I used 11's on solid bodies for years and then changed to 10's in the last few years. 9's too flimsy... and I have never tried 8's in almost 29 years of playing!
  6. Nice, but I always remember Slash using Guild acoustics back in the 80's & 90's. When did he start using J-45's?
  7. Forget the B Rich, what about the Travis Bean! Always loved the look of them, never got to try one. I saw a band live years ago and the guitarist had one...I think that's the only time I've seen one in person.
  8. There are a few that shouldn't be forgotten, but it seems only a small collective of music connoisseurs would know these musicians. I'm 36 and can guarantee most people I know (even musicians) would not know who Johnny Smith was sadly. I first heard of him years ago, but because of his signature Gibson model and not his playing. It was only after that I started listening to his playing.
  9. They are beautiful looking guitars.
  10. Johnny Smith was an incredible player. I play 'What are you doing for the rest of your life' often, but not to his level! The Joe Pass version is excellent too.
  11. I said closest they got to metal, however, in 1975 & 1976 Nobody's Fault and Round & Round would have been pretty heavy...like going in the direction of Black Sabbath. By today's standards it's not that heavy or 'metal', but then it would have been. Led Zeppelin sometimes got classified as metal back then, when they are hardly Sepultura, Darkane or Textbook Tragedy (if you know those last 2 bands I mentioned? ).
  12. Nobody's Fault and Round and Round (and maybe Kings & Queens and Voodoo Medicine Man) are probably the closest Aerosmith ever got to metal. I believe Brad Whitford was the main writer for all of them, except Kings & Queens which is credited to most of the band + producer Jack Douglas.
  13. People interested in Epi headstocks should read Walter Carter's 'The Epiphone Guitar Book' and there you will see that the (now old) clipped ear design was a slight variant of an old Epi design pre dating the Gibson ownership years. This new one is just another style of Epiphone headstock from the past.
  14. Yes, that is a fair point. It does get played far too much and the Run DMC version can be somewhat annoying.
  15. Me too! It's very underrated I think. Not a bad song on it and their version of Milk Cow Blues was a great way to finish the album.
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