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  1. Bridge pup: Volume, 10 Tone, 10 Neck pup: Volume, 7 Tone, 8 But try this out, Put your selector to the middle position, With all knobs at 10, roll your neck volume to 5, I really love it.
  2. Hey I think that opinions change over time... For Example (Kinda new LP player): DUDE!! Look at that '59!! That is the coolest thing I have ever seen!! (Tom Murphy): Since you cant afford one I can make yours sound and look like that for around, (picks a number between 1 and 10) $3,000 dollars!!! Thats wayy cheaper than that '59. (Kinda new LP player): Great!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ONE MONTH LATER> All of his friends sit and drool over his LP, "Is it vintage??", "That looks and
  3. I'm saying that if you take a nice guitar and beat it up you get a crappy Fender! LOL!!
  4. I am currently looking at a JCM 800 2203. I ABSOLULTLY love the classic sounds that amp can make! However I have one problem. I realize that the best way to get a great sound from them is to REALLY drive them. However living in the suburbs this is not possible on a day to day basis. Is there anything i can do to be able to get amazing sounds from this amp without getting arrested?? Many thanks, Read
  5. Right now I'm eying down either the JCM 800 2203 RI or one of the newer JCM 2000 DSL's.
  6. I am just simply wanting to record demos as a band if possible with as little over-dubbing as possible. I am not necessarily looking for the cheapest route, but defiantly not the most expensive route either. I need a middle of the road way to record... thanks, Read
  7. Can I record directly to this?? http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/Tascam-Tascam-2488-NEO-Recording-Package?sku=230000
  8. Im just tryin to start a small recording studio for my band and bands to come... I went down to my local music store and ws talking to the Pro-Audio guy there and he showed me a M-Audio ProFire 2626 that looked good to me and with ProTools he said it would cost about 1K. I aslo have a Sure Beta 58A mic that I have had for some time that he said should be good for almost everything but he said that a good condenser mic is the way to go for amps... Im lookin at the A-T 2020 condenser mic. he said he would throw two in a package for $175. and for the drum kit he said he would use 3-4 mics. Two ov
  9. LOL! thanks. Its the agony and the estacy. But wayy more estacy!!!
  10. Now its my time to shine!!!
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