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  1. Gretsch did a good video about the truss rod, maybe worth a look.
  2. I have the John Lennon edition which has been to hell and back being my first proper guitar. Would be nice to win so I don't have to worry about my JL one
  3. Casino's sound beautiful with Analogman's Peppermint Fuzz.
  4. I used to be a snob about brands as I always used Ernie Ball's and anything else wasn't good. However, that soon changed when I used d'addario randomly a few years back. Used ever since. Intonation isn't a problem and neither is staying in tune.
  5. That's why I usually leave uncomfortable stuff for a tech up the road 😂
  6. Yeah I bet more worse has come before like that. Least I don't have to worry now.
  7. Just an update: took the pickups out of the body and looked for anything on the pickups which would indicate the beer did go in. Thankfully no signs. Thanks for your help!
  8. I used to worry about flaws as it'd make the guitar 'imperfect' after a string of badly made Mexican Jaguars, however you get over it once you know it's there and the fact that it makes it your own, pretty much custom guitar.
  9. I'd run out of southern Comfort, it was a take your own drink gig haha
  10. Was just paranoid and wanted to make sure it was ok. Not much on the Web about it, least I know now haha!
  11. Sounds like a lovely keyboard! Yeah wiped it down as I'm a bit OCD with my guitars. The many dents wouldn't emphasise that though.
  12. Thanks for helping ease the worry. I let it dry overnight and tested it the next day and today. Seems fine. Thanks again.
  13. So I was playing a gig Saturday night and spilt beer on my Gibson Les Paul Traditional. I'm not sure if it went into the neck pickup, however it seems to be fine so I was wondering what would happen if you did spill beer into the pickup? Thanks
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