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  1. I have a 2016 ES 339 Studio that I bought new two years ago, good choice Mr. Brown. I will be interested to see if you like yours as much as I like mine, which is a lot. For the fretboard my local guitar tech recommended Watco Danish oil and if you don't mind a little name dropping he has some credibility as he was the Doobie Brother's guitar tech during their heydays. I chose dark walnut which darkened the baked maple wood a tad. Let me know what you think of the tone with neck pickup selected, tone at 4 1/2 and your amp a bit on the bright side. I like the "punch" I get at those settings.
  2. A little late to the party here but thought I would put in my 2 cents. Adaptive, sounds like you were leaning toward the 339 which imho is a great choice. I have had my 2016 339 Studio for a little over 2 years now and I could not be happier with it. When I bought it for sure I compared it side by side to a 335 Studio and I found them quite similar, the big difference was in the shape factor, the smaller 339 much more comfortable for me to play. As for your boominess observation I am a bit puzzled by that. I find the tonal range on my guitar to be quite wide although I spend most of my time in the neck position, switching to the bridge at max volume but with the tone rolled off for solos. The tone that I love is neck with the tone pot at about 4 1/2, it has a punch that really hits my sweet spot. On my Vox amp I have the EQ set on the bright side at bass 12/mid 5/treble about 3 o'clock. The guitar has the Classic/Super 57 pups.
  3. Jim__H

    BluesHawk Fans

    I don't come over to the Gibson Forum a lot, I should but there are a lot of things I should do and don't get around to. FYI there is a BluesHawk interest group on Facebook, for any of you who would like to swing by and join the discussion you are more than welcome. There is also some technical information available on it, one thing I have noticed recently is some of the stuff that was coming up on google Blueshawk searches doesn't pop up anymore. Not sure why that is but anything we can do to preserve these cool axes can only be good. Nighthawk and Little Lucille owners of course are also welcome.
  4. That is a good looking SG Angel. I don't know if I have seen that color, is it refinished? Looks a lot like C3 Corvette Electric Blue
  5. Nice! I think that color/finish would look good on my "ginger burst" 339. So how is it working out, any issues?
  6. I have had my 339 Studio for about a year and a half now and I still love it. Thinking of having a Bigsby vibrato put on it...thoughts? Has anybody done that?
  7. I bought an ES-339 Studio last March and love it. Beautiful guitar, high quality, great playability, tone, etc. There is a binding there but it's black and it blends in with the dark edge of the ginger burst finish.
  8. Late 60s? BB really liked Derek and Susan, there is a clip of the three of them on the Hollywood Bowl stage I think. John Mayer is there too, very cool. I really like what Gary does with the rhythm on The Thrill is Gone. We have played around with that at some of our jams, it works well.
  9. Jim__H

    BluesHawk Club

    I have a confession to make - my BluesHawk is no longer my favorite guitar, bought an ES-339 Studio last March and love it. Still play the BH a fair amount though...
  10. Gary Moore is one of my favorites, thank you Pandora for turning me on to him years ago. Stumbled across this on youtube not too long ago: Jake is another one of my favorites...
  11. It would be interesting to find out what Gibson has to say about this. Maybe too late by now but is there any way you can follow up on it? Like the other posters above I have always thought that when you tweak the truss rod it may take up to a week for it to stabilize. I had a PRS SE and the neck on it was moving but it was happening over maybe a year's time, not days. My guitar tech said he has seen this with Asian guitars because the wood is typically not dried properly and they use polyurethane coatings which seal in the moisture. He told me to buy an American made guitar with a nitrocellulose finish.
  12. It's been about 3 months since I bought the 339 and I could not be happier with it - the playability, sound, finish quality... I just realized I never closed the loop on the "flipping up" thing. My tech did not really have an answer for what causes it but he said that if a guitar has that problem it is pretty obvious and the only thing to do is send it back.
  13. Jim__H

    Go Preds!

    So I now owe my brother a bottle of bourbon, he had the Eastern Conference team, I took West. $20-$30 price range. I'm thinking Elijah Craig Small batch that goes for about $25 around here. Any other suggestions? Have given Buffalo Trace in the past...
  14. Jim__H

    Go Preds!

    San Jose Surely you Jest? Quite a game last night, that is what Stanley Cup Hockey is all about. As cookieman said, two long seasons and two Cups for the Penguins, that is very impressive.
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