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  1. Why can't I find stuff like this in pawn shops! I can't help with the ID, but I would agree that it's worth what you paid for sure. Does it have a serial number? My EBay special had the serial number on the back of the headstock. That's how I was able to ID it.
  2. Does anyone know of a source for control cavity covers or templates? This is for a mid-90s FR404SD that I'm rebuilding. It came without the covers. I need both of the rear cavity covers. If anyone knows where I can find them, or the templates to make my own, please let me know! Thanks!
  3. Superstrats? I'm partial to BC Rich. I have an original '89 ST and a newer Gunslinger. I absolutely love these guitars. The neck, the tone, everything. Always loved the look of the ESP Kamikaze, but never liked the price tag.,
  4. The only thing I'm having trouble with is the tube looking thing running to the pickup selector. That looks odd. Otherwise I kinda like it. I think you hit the nail on the head though. YOU like the look, and that is all that matters. Post pics when you get it!
  5. No kidding. Heaven forbid Gibson start selling something that looks a little different from something built 40 years ago. They should immediately cease production of every guitar they make that doesn't look like it came from the late 50s.The only authorized paint finishes should be a burst, black, gold, natural, white, and cherry. No trems. Ever. No black hardware. If it dioesn't meet that criteria, the guitar police should immediately seize the guitar and destroy it. And not in a fun or different way, because fun and/or different is wrong. Sarcasm mode off. I haven't p
  6. I'm currently in the middle of refinishing/rebuilding/restoring a mid-90s Kramer. As this thing is getting a completely new finish, I'll need a new Kramer logo for the headstock. Does anyone know of a source for a high res version of this logo? I'll be turning it into a black waterslide decal to apply, before clearcoating over it. I've already tried the Ebay guy that sells these. It's too pixelated for my tastes. Thanks! Dan
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