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  1. The lead is me, can't take credit for anything else.
  2. Yes. But as Izzy said, it's more like a tribute than a cover. It's the Cornell version of Jacksons Billie Jean, but I actually like my lead parts better, mostly because I surprised myself.
  3. I've had a set of Sheps and they're killer pickups. Very open sounding. Don't know about the specific Kahanek model but Sheptones are in general very high regarded vintage sounding paf's.
  4. You want to go here Contact Gibson This is a forum. For users.
  5. Marshall JVM410H 100W with 1960A+B cabs ftw. Simms-Watts 100w master volume head through a Laney cab ftw.
  6. Mine too. Damn theory! I have no patience and I just wanna play dammit!
  7. Marshall JVM 410H and a 70's Simms-Watts something, both 100W through 1960A+B and a Laney. Combinations vary. Overkill? Yes, very much \:D/
  8. Can't really tell without pictures of the guitar... :-"
  9. Me at my wedding. Wifey says hello and made me eff up the solo.
  10. Congrats! I really like the 12's. And thank you for putting on shoes. Most pics of guitars include bare feet
  11. Kolera

    Locking strap

    Do a search for "straplocks". There's a million threads on the subject. Schaller and Dunlop are most popular.
  12. Congrats! Doesn't sound like there were much doubt. Perfect!
  13. Care to share a link to a specifik guitar? I've used Thomann before but not for guitars. On parts and stuff they're usually only 5-10% cheaper than stores, so guitars for 1/5 of the price doesn't sound right to me.
  14. Chambering started late 2006 if I remember correctly.
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