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  1. I definitely am restringing it. I ordered some of those exact strings from Amazon last night. In my searching, I come to like Elixir the best! :D And thanks for the tip about the pins. I guess I will do as you suggested and just wait and see. :]
  2. Hi! You guys are so awesome! I am getting a DR500MCE and since the nut and saddle are bone, I figured I may as well switch out the plastic bridge pins with better ones. Any suggestions? I was thinking either ebony or ivory, but I heard buffalo horn is nice too. I have another question... Are all bridge pins a universal size? Will Taylor bridge pins on my Epiphone guitar fit? Are bridge pins pretty much a universal size? These interested me http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/E… I am not sure if the pins will fit into my guitar... THANKS!!! :D
  3. Thanks! I know nothing about pickups, but is that how this guy used 2 cables for both pickups on his guitar at about 2:20 in this video? With a multichannel amp and 2 guitar cables? Have any idea how he did this? Awesome! Very excited!!! I ordered one today and cannot wait for it to arrive!!!
  4. Awesome, thanks! I just ordered one!!! :D So excited!!! First solid wood guitar and guitar with pickups!!! ^_^
  5. How did this guy do what he does in this video at about 2:20... I am looking into buying this guitar, and the sound of both pickups is awesome, but does that mean you need 2 amps? How would you get this to work? I want to record my guitar songs, so I was going to get a cable that I could plug into my guitar then into my computer, but would I be able to get both cables in there and do the same effect this guy is doing? Forgive my ignorance, I know nothing about acoustic electric guitars. I have played plenty of non-electronic, but electronic is new to me and I wanted it mostly to
  6. What do you guys think of this guitar? Says all solid wood and 2 pickups with bone nut and saddle. For $600 it sounds too good to be true. Is it a good guitar?
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