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  1. I have a 2017 Gold Top Tribute. Really nice guitar for the money. Replaced the Nashville Bridge with an ABR non-wire bridge and locking Kluson Revolution tuners. The nut needed a little work to keep things in tune. Highly recommend the Tribute model. Just needs a little TLC...but don't they all!
  2. Kharma...Gibson Les Paul Supreme purchased for less than $500.
  3. I saw a Gold Gibson USA SG 100th Anniversary Hardshell Guitar Case selling for $300 on eBay. Are these cases really worth that much. I didn't care for the case that came with my 2015 SG Special. If it's true that this anniversary case is valued at close to $300, I'm glad that I kept it after buying a more traditional TKL for my SG.
  4. Any Gibson or Kluson replacement tuner with the screw on bushing will work.
  5. Installed the Kluson Revolution lockers on my SG Special that came with G-Force. IMO...huge improvement.
  6. Gibson's credit rating is suffering for many reasons. I understand that a company may have to diversify to keep up with the changing times...But you should always keep your tried and true products consistent. Gibson's 2015 line was an abomination not because they tried something new, but because we as the consumer were not given the option to have the time tested guitars or the new tech. Plus the E-tune, G-Force or what ever they are calling it now was just not that durable or accurate. Let's not even begin with the Zero fret nut that was made from soft materials. Did Gibson not do a product test and maybe a consumer evaluation before release. Gibson you deserve what you get in credit rating downgrade! http://www.tennessean.com/story/money/industries/music/2016/03/04/gibson-brands-hit-credit-downgrade/81336440/
  7. The 2016 Gibson Models are out...yet there is no mention on the Gibson website except for the forums. Hey Gibson admit you F*#Ked up with all those so called upgrades. I'm selling my 2015 SG Special and buying a new Fender American Standard Stratocaster or Telecaster.
  8. TKL cases are almost identical to the Gibson case and half the price. I'd rather go that route than a big bulky plastic gold case that Gibson offered on the 2015 models.
  9. Let's see in 2014 auto tuners were called MinEtune. In 2015 the auto tuners are called G-Force. What will the 2016 name be? Electronic gadgets are perishable in that they become obsolete almost as fast as they are released. Let's see how many of those MinEtunes, G-Force and what ever the next incarnstion of auto tuners will be around in 10-15 years on the guitars that we own today.
  10. Technology is designed to become obsolete just by the nature of the constant "improvements" that corporations feel we need. Guitars are now becoming just like cars. Gibson didn't even have MinEtune out 2 years befor G-Force came out...So what's he next version. Save tourself the aggavation. A set of Gibson Deluxe tuners will drop right in. All you have to do is drill the pilot holes. A time saving device is now costing you lots of time.
  11. Love my SG Special wide neck and all. My biggest complaint was the G-Force tuners (mostly because I'm an old dog that doesn't like new tricks),,,anyway a set of Gibson Deluxe tuners cured that for me. The ZFAN is just starting to show some wear. I have just e-mailed Gibson warranty department hoping to get the replacement ZFAN. ZFAN, IMO is a great idea, because of the easy adjustment feature when setting up the guitar and that a replacement. when needed, is a quick and easy fix. There is no need for a trip to the luthier, which is usually costly and a lenghty turn around. The fit and finish and the fret work is about the best I've seen on a guitar costing around $1000. The '61 Zebras sound awesome, The case is nice, although a black traditional case is prefered. The Special gets played all the time and quickly became one of my favorites.
  12. The PUP's are quick connect. I thinks Gibson offers QC Burstbuckers.
  13. You may have developed a bad habit, maybe in part to the slightly wider neck on the '15 Special. On thinner necks its a little easier to naturaly mute unplayed strings. I have the '15 Special and I like the extra room the wider neck gives my big hands, but I can see what is happening to you. IMO, all you need is just a little adjustment to correct the issue. I started chocking some of the strings that should ring out on slimmer necks like on my Telecaster. Look at it as a chance to improve your technique. P.S. I love both guitars and I'm still working hard on my technique!
  14. Pickguardian.com has what you need. Fits perfect (no fitting) and you can choose any color and or plys that he has avaiable. I would post a picture of mine on a '15 SG Special but this awfull site keeps telling me the file is too big. Make sure you contact the site owner by email, you won't be able just to order the PG.
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