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  1. I've seen a couple other mentions of a few other's that are "partners". My question is, is this whole thing a result of the whole "play original" and threats/lawsuits of the brands that copy Gibson shapes? Does this just boil down to "we will take a fee and then allow you to use our shapes"??? NHTom
  2. I'm not really secret or weapon worthy, but I love my TC Spark Boost......I find it can do several simple things that are nice to have handy. Slight boost for leads, it can be an "always on" to fatten things up a bit, can dial it in for quite a bit of grit and yet leave the original tone fairly un-molested. NHTom
  3. Had the pleasure of playing a Jeff Beck prototype that Stevie D of Buckcherry had. Not sure if it was ever released to the public or not. That said, as far as the original question, the vary. I've heard of specific artists getting a small number of "prototypes" of their signature guitars with subtle differences for them to choose which one will be the final released model. NHTom
  4. I have a Laney Cub 12 and am very happy with it. I would also recommend the Blackstar HT5 NHTom
  5. The NHTom Signature model... Light aged lemon burst, Hum/P90 combo, ebony board, fairly traditional specs on the rest. NHTOM
  6. It is a Gibson branded version of a Kahler locking trem. I have one on an 84 Explorer. I personally love mine and prefer them to the Floyd Rose style, but I think most prefer the Floyds. As far as value goes...….and this is only my opinion, I'd have to say if anything it would decrease the value as most Les Paul fans seem to prefer the traditional stop bar/tune-o-matic set up over anything with a trem. NHTom
  7. I recently picked up a 2010LP Standard with a Nashville/tonepros roller and hated it. I went with the Faber ABRN bridge and I'm Thrilled with it. I used Faber's posts and it went together and set up like a dream. Great quality and I can't speak highly enough about it. Tom …..by the way...no shot against tone pro's. Well built, just not my thing...I will keep it around if I ever go bigsby.
  8. and since I can never leave well enough alone......got my Creamtone order in and "made it mine"...….. Got rid of the "classic" trc, and swapped the tuner buttons to vintage style while keeping the locking grovers. Also added a switch chip, amber toggle, vintage style knobs and pointers, pickguard, and pickup covers..... As soon as we see the sun around here, I will get some better daylight pictures. NHTom
  9. Well, that's that...…. Had to be done......lol. NHTom
  10. Interesting...I have an R8 with custom buckers and a 2010 standard with burst buckers and a harness upgrade. This is (in my opinion) a really accurate comparison. To my ears, they sound very similar, but the custom has just a hint more to it.....a bit more "open-ness" that I really like. Slightly better individual string definition. Glad to know the difference I hear with my own guitars isn't just my imagination. Either one is a GREAT pickup for sure. NHTom
  11. That would actually make sense.......they had a bunch of non-reverse firebirds that they said were for the japanese market.....
  12. It's at my local shop. I've played it at length and love it....all over but the paying at this point, just thinking it's odd that it doesn't match anything I've found listed. They always buy up "leftovers" "Odd releases", etc that gibson has to offer, so I'm going to assume it was some sort of spec'd model for a big box store or something. NHTom
  13. I should have mentioned that it is new. I will try to get gibson to run the serial...only issue is that when ever I've done that, it's very basic info......but worth a try. Almost makes me think it's 2016 specs, but those had covered pickups........strange.
  14. I've got my eye on a 2015 LP Classic in Ebony. It's got me a little confused....... Maybe some of you know more about it. While it is a 2015 serial number, it does not have the "Les Paul 100" logo(thankfully). No hologram. It has all 4 knobs instead of the 3 knobs/1 switch. Locking Grovers Zebra 57's Here's where I'm confused........I though all the 2015 LP's had the "100" logo on the headstock, The 2015 classic I've found has the 3knob/one switch setup, they had klusons, and were not offered in ebony. I'm wondering if it's some sort of limited/special release, maybe spec's for a specific store, etc. The shop that has it is very reputable, and often buys out "weird" left over stuff from gibson and fender. Any thoughts? NHTom
  15. I box up everything, label it, and it goes to the attic.......that way if I ever sell it, I can include all the original parts. Tom
  16. Looking for opinions...... I have a mid 80's J45 and a couple of the bridge pins are loose and one drops almost all the way in. I'd rather not get into a bridge replacement, etc and I see some places offer oversized bridge pins. Anyone have any experience with these? I have one pin that if I wrap a single layer of paper around it, it works fine, so I figure it won't take much to make it functional. Thanks, NHTom
  17. I was twelve and since my birthday is on new years, I always got the birthday/Christmas combo gift. I got a Kay KE10 like this one and a Peavy backstage amp. NHTom
  18. That Paul's guitar is certainly beautiful...... PRS has always been a mystery to me. I bought one that I still have. A Core Mira....kind of a double cut special sort of feel. Amazing build quality, plays well, sounds good. That's where it loses me. It does everything "good". Really good actually. But, I can't say it does any one thing "great". I've heard people describe them as sterile and I think this might be correct. I've heard people say they try to be all things to all people and it doesn't work out. It doesn't "move me" the way some of my gibby's and fenders do. Have I had too much of the "MOJO" cool aid??? Probably, but it is what it is. The one thing that impresses me the most about them is when I ask myself "Why does that guitar cost X, but to get that same beautiful wood and fit and finish in any other brand would cost X+500?" The other brands could really take a lesson from PRS as far as that stuff goes. Just my two cents...... NHTom
  19. Fits in well with the rest of the family.... NHTom
  20. Picked up my new toy tonight... Germino MGL model... Really pshched for this thing. I will post more and try to get some decent sound clips. NHTom
  21. My only standard.......a 2010 NHTom
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