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  1. having trouble getting on the 'other' froum. I try to go on it and it says the bandwidth has been exceeded for that website. I have unlimited internet download and all other websites are fine so I'm confused to why it won't work. It hasn't been closed has it ??
  2. all of gibson usas production model les pauls have been weight relieved since the late 80s. chambering started late 2006 i believe.
  3. how did you get a an tele from using sand paper on a les paul???
  4. they also have a 60s neck and locking tuners which big for some people and its also quite cheap for a standard theres a guy on mlp who got one new from gc for $1550
  5. wb hot vintage tuned pafs or over the pond pafs pickups
  6. information removed if you don't believe that then you'd be better off burning your money
  7. yeah i know its been on the mlp forum but i was watching here and no one mentioned it so i thought it say something its pretty much replacing the classic though. some of them have been sold with classic truss rod covers by mistake.
  8. traditionals are weight relieved not chambered. quite a big difference. the weight relieved is a few small holes placed in the body. chambered is as you might have guessed, massive chambers taking up almost the whole body the custom shop re-issues are solid body.
  9. its a green top les paul axcess basically its not really a burst but that is what gibson call it. it was released with fire tiger finish which is basically a red les paul axcess. i think they are availiable on special order. i can't find any pictures of it anywhere. an ebay seller called isellalotofit who sells as you might have guessed a lot of gibsons had one but my computer had to be wiped off meaning the pictures got deleted i don't want one of those any more any way why is no one commenting on the new model btw. look it up on the musicians friend website if you don't believ
  10. the guitar centre website has a new model listed. its called the gibson les paul standard traditional pro. its a traditional with tone pros hardware, the locking tuners from the 08 standard, a plain top, and a satin finish neck. the pick-ups are a burstbucker 3 in the bridge and a 57 classic in the neck. it comes in ebony, vintage sunburst and cherry sunburst. it is being sold at $1999.99 its not on the gibson website yet and is a guitar centre exclusive edit: the info on the guitar centre website is wrong. they just copied the normal traditionals info until they can be b
  11. pippy because hes in my country and his les paul is the best one i've ever seen ps. pippy if you're every thinking of selling it then can you send me an pm the second the idea comes to you? i would pay twice what you payed new to have that beauty (i'd even take out a loan or something)
  12. i'm guessing you like(ed) bionicle from the name pohatu. anyway, where is the link rotating at the top because i cant see it
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