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  1. I'm getting a Bill Nash T52, does this mean i can join? Some beautiful teles on display.
  2. I saw them last year at The Roundhouse in Camden. They performed Daydream Nation in order from start to finish. Great show, great band, classic album.
  3. Great band, seen them a few times and they never disappoint.
  4. Hey Are Nine, love that avatar of yours. Ricky rules!!!
  5. What about this one? Free postage!!telecaster
  6. Hey, New Years Eve sounds like fun over there. It's real dull over here.
  7. Jose Cuervo is a fine fellow, they should be pleased to have him around. He was once a member of Neil Youngs' band circa Tonights The Night.
  8. There was a show on BBC Radio 2 recently called the record producers. They had access to the original master tapes of What's Goin On. Listening to Marvins' vocal track blew me away. For me he's the greatest singer ever. The Temptations are a favourite of mine.
  9. Not really a trekkie, but i saw the new film this afternoon and enjoyed it. Great film!!
  10. I was referring to the television talent show i had to endure last night. I am well aware that the majority of the best bands ever are British.
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