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  1. Jeffrey Foucault, yes. I wish he'd play somewhere close by to me. I heard this one years ago and it's what got me into his music:



    Love, love this song. It's been one of my favorites too since I discovered it years ago. I had the chance to go to one of his shows when he was in PA, I definitely recommend going if you can find one close by. I might even have a video of him playing...I'll see if I can dig it up.


    The Mandolin Orange song was excellent, too.

  2. I just wanted to share with all my acoustic homies a combination I'm really excited about: the LR Baggs Lyric in my Gibson LE and the Bose L1 system.


    It's perfection. Really. If you want the true sound of your guitar to be amplified this is the combination for you. Of course Bose is renowned for flawlessly amplifying natural sound but it turns out the Lyric is superb at it also! I wish I could capture it for you so you could experience it.


    /end PSA


    Is the Bose L1 the really tall acoustic amp? I think I saw one of those in our local shop but didn't know what it was.

  3. My A&H mixer has some effects presets that are very nice - I use one with a combination delay/reverb and some other effects I don't recall without the manual. That's probably why the recording above is 'organic' sounding - if I was recording the guitar and vocals separately, I would have a different effect preset for the vocal and just a very small amount of reverb on the acoustic. The way I did it takes that choice away.





    Got it, makes sense. I think you're right, there's definitely a benefit to the overall sound by having both guitar and vocals together rather than separate.

  4. Thanks!



    Mic is a beauty for acoustica - one small condensor Neumann KM184 - best mic I ever owned. Gets the detail without all the lows that a large condensior gets. I didn't touch any eq - all flat and straight to iMac.


    Placement is a matter of luck, but I try not to move the stand when I am not recording, but just push the boom and mic up and out of the way. When about to record, I pull it back to approx halfway between the ideal 12th fret position that most acoustic guitar recorders use, and halfway up to my face. I have it off centre to my mouth so when I am playing a solo, I don't make breath noises in the mic too much.






    Agreed, that is great balance for having just the one mic. Did you do any reverb or any other retouches? Sounds great!

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