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  1. I like your comparison. I've felt the same about getting a beater that I'm not worried about when I take it out into the elements.

    A couple weeks ago, my local music store (Willis Music) had their warehouse sale. I picked up a new Takamine TF250SMC with a few issues for $700.

    After a little work (strings, neck adjustment, rub out scratches and steam out a couple nicks) I had the guitar in almost pristine condition and it plays great. I think I'll try your comparison method with the Takamine, J200 and D41Special.



    You definitely should, that would be a great comparison!

  2. A big +1 there. So we have yet another intangible thrown into the mix. How one guitar can feel as comfortable as a favorite pair of bedroom slippers. Sound is just one part of the playing experience. A very big part, but not the only part.


    Thanks to the O.P. for raising the bar on Comparison Demo's. Where've you been?. We have a lot more guitar a/b/c's for you to do!



    Ha if you can think of any other good a/b's I could do between the two, shout em out. No guarantee on getting them quickly, but I don't mind throwing some together.


    I completely agree that comfort and joy of playing are huge parts to the playing experience. That's probably the main reason I bought the Tak. I was nervous about taking the AJ out in some situations, but with the GS I can take it anywhere and still have a pretty great acoustic. For the quality per $, it's pretty unbeatable. However, it was purely accidental that I found this one. I only got it because it felt great and I could really get into the sound that it has.

  3. To respond to a few of the comments, I do think that the mics make the AJ sound a bit muffled. I played a bit louder later but was having trouble with the AJ's volume clipping the mics. It took so long to set up the best stereo sound that I didn't adjust them to take that into account. I will keep it in mind and possibly do another to capture the volume and tone projection of each guitar.


    The Tak is a solid cedar/laminate hog guitar with the Lowden style pinless bridge. I'm pretty sure it is made to be a direct lower end competitor to those models. It does sound a little more lively at times, but I think there are a few reasons for that. The cedar gives it a bit more response at a lighter touch and tends to record very well. However, there are times that it can sound rather thin and flat. Also, it can really lack projection when I do some louder playing. A few of the comparisons really made this difference stand out, I think, but I will try sometime to get another comparison focusing on projection and volume. Just before filming, I did change the strings on the Tak, which might contribute a bit of "new string brightness," and possibly have the guitar a bit more opened up. I played the AJ earlier, but not much. It does seem to warm up a bit as the video goes on.


    Probably the biggest difference between the two in this video is most apparent when comparing a more fingerstyle type of playing, at least to my ears. I tried a few different styles to really get a good comparison (3:00, 5:43, 8:11). These were where I heard the most striking difference.

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