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  1. Gotta say the AJ. Best guitar I've ever owned!
  2. it's definitely a great guitar, I have had no problems with mine. With the faded finish, it is more susceptible to dents, but it almost looks better than a ding on a shiny finished guitar. Put this way, I would not lose sleep over putting a small ding on the edge of my faded than say if I had a brand new custom. Also, the faded finish on the back of the neck is way better than the finished neck on the studio
  3. I have one also, it's a pretty sweet guitar.
  4. I really like the ernie ball hybrids. It has really thin and slinky g, b, and high e strings (for bends), but thicker e, a, and d strings.
  5. haha I'll be sure to let you know when I get to that point
  6. My 03 neck, as promised: I don't care that it's not the best looking guitar, but she plays like a dream.
  7. It's an '03 special faded. I don't think it has ever had a pickguard on it before, but I don't know as I bought it used. It doesn't have any holes drilled in it
  8. yeah, my finish isn't gone 100% to the wood like that in the very middle, but the entire length of the neck is white with streaks where it is almost completely gone. It is not yellow in any spots. Once I get my camera back I'll take a picture and post it. It doesn't necessarily look that great, but it is so great to play.
  9. I have an 03 faded which plays great. The neck finish has completely worn off and now it plays so smooth. It does have the 490/498 pickups.
  10. bjb5228

    savin' up

    I got my used special faded for $500. Set neck, american made, solid body, humbuckers. It sounds great
  11. bjb5228

    Tuner question

    Thanks a lot, I really owe you one. It'll be great to play again!
  12. bjb5228

    Tuner question

    yeah that would be great. i could give you $10 for it or so
  13. bjb5228


    I think the fretboard is curly ebony or curly rosewood or something figured so they didn't put inlays in that model. It has a very cool look to it
  14. bjb5228


    I really liked the look of the Autumn Burst supreme GOTW, http://www.fallonemusic.com/images/produits/Gibson_lespaul_supreme_inpage1b.jpg Between the finish and the blank fretboard, too bad they only made so few
  15. bjb5228

    Tuner question

    yep that is it, except one for the other side.
  16. bjb5228

    Tuner question

    a need a chrome gibson deluxe tuner. one that would fit the right side of the headstock for the B string.
  17. I need to replace a single tuner for my les paul, but I cannot find anywhere that I can buy just a single tuner. Everywhere I go I must buy all 6. Is there anywhere I could buy just one? I would have no use for the other 5 so I can't justify buying six.
  18. That's not too bad of a price I don't think. Most of the faded studios and VM will run about 950 in most places
  19. i'm sure if you posted some pictures of it if you have them then someone will be able to identify it. the special fadeds are only red, yellow, and black, but the black may be very worn down. i'm not sure. i do know that they have humbuckers
  20. probably the best part of the special faded is how quickly the finish fades off the back of the neck, making it very smooth and never sticky like some finished necks can be.
  21. the only major difference between the studio and the special faded is the maple top. i have the special faded, an '03 model i believe, that i bought used, and it is a great guitar for the money.
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