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  1. Shoot... good luck with that! I'm restoring a 1914 L-1 with the pick guard and it's missing the cam mechanism only! I can't find a whole one let alone 1/2 of one!!! I've called everyone I know in the business and no one has them, and those that do will not part with them - and people want serious $$$$ for a 10 cent piece of metal! Crazy. Bottom line - you best find it before I do.... finder's keeper's B)
  2. I know exactly what you're going through! I wish I had some for you but I don't. Myself, I need one of those weird pick guard clamps Gibson made back in the 1910's and other than Ebay, nothing exists for them! Rare as hens teeth! I guess that would be my only suggestion is to keep an eye out on the bay... or perhaps a local guitar show??? good luck!
  3. Hey all! I'm brand new on this board so please forgive me if this is already posted somewhere else. I'm restoring a 1914 L-1, the archtop profile, and I need a replacement bridge for it. Does anyone know where I could get one? There are a lot of archtop bridges out there but there are so many that I'm having trouble making a decision on them. I need as close to the original as I can get. I don't mind if it's adjustable or not, just that it has the "feet" rather than the full contact. Any recommendations would be most appreciated!! Thanks for your help!!!
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