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  1. One of my favorite songs by Bruce Very nice!
  2. Not a bad idea. I usually just pull up on the strings when restringing to make sure they rest where they should. The bend is a good idea, will have to try. Video was informative. Guy got sweatier and sweatier lol
  3. ChrisM

    Nut File

    If you are playing light gauge strings your G string is 0.024". You generally want a little bigger than the actually string size so I'd go with the 0.028" width nut file. I'm no expert though so I'd wait for someone else chime in before ordering...
  4. Don't think they have a template for a 60's LG-0 like that one. But I would email and ask, maybe it's just not on the site. The one time I ordered from them they were very helpful. I'd take this opportunity to make a normal (smaller) sized LG style guard. Would make the guitar look a lot better imo.
  5. Fair enough I know I sometimes forget what strings I have on which guitar though as I am always experimenting and each guitar is unique. When I buy a guitar I sometimes have to remember not everyone is as attentive and specific as us here. But if your gut told you to pass on the sale then you most defiantly did the right thing I'd say
  6. Gibson = sunburst Martin = shadetop Weird isn't it? I agree as a whole I like Gibson more but Martin has done some nice ones in the past. I think their OM body style shadetops look better than their dreadnaught style ones. The recent Jeff Tweedy model finish wasn't bad either. Wish I had found a good sounding 00-DB....
  7. Why did the seller not knowing the string gauge make you nervous?
  8. This is kinda my thought Seller wasn't sure what strings were own. Rummaged in the case pocket and found some Elixer extra lights. The guitar had Elixers on it but I think they were lights rather than extra lights. Either way, the wrong strings for the guitar. What that guitar needed was a set of medium PB strings.
  9. I didn't think that was a Gibson at first, had to do a double take and look at the headstock. So is that all koa?
  10. Nothing beats a good J-45, it's a workhorse and really sets the bar for what an acoustic should sound like imo. I kept thinking I should have brought my J-45 to compare. I guess I also want to know is $1700 a good price. I know it's a good price but it's not a steal. For a guitar that didn't grab me right away it would have to be a steal of a price to come home with me I think...
  11. Checked out this J-185 tonight. From the serial number: Your guitar was made at the Bozeman Plant , MA, USA August 12nd, 2010 Production Number: 52 Is this a "Lacey act Gibson"? Here is a pic of the bridge I took. Looks to be all solid. Guitar sounded good but not much better (or worse) than my J-45 TV (my most comparable Gibson). Maple back and sides had a nice flame to them but I thought they made the guitar a little bright for me. I guess I was expecting more bass from the jumbo body. No more bass than my J-45 or J-35 really. Natural finish, no inlay on bridge, chro
  12. That isn't lacquer on the fretboard
  13. Thanks Ya you're right, it is always hard to get a sense of tone when the guitar is capo'ed. Will have to do some more clips sometimes with a capo. Standard tuning but "standard" at 432Hz reference.
  14. This is a cover of The National's "Slow Show". My friend and I are big fans of the band and he has the look and voice very similar to that of the lead singer Matt. We recorded this song the other morning on my iPhone. Recording isn't the best and the guitar work isn't super engaging but it's kinda cool to see and hear the 1943 "banner" (all mahogany LG-2) besides it's reissue "banner" counterpart (J-45 TV). Thanks for listening
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