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  1. I'll throw in my 2 cents worth: Les Paul Epiphone Standard Plus Top Pro. I love that guitar and it didn't break the bank. Ordered it from Zzounds several years ago and it was perfect. Not a flaw to be found and very nice top.
  2. Just an observation: If you are such a fan of over-priced Gibsons why are you hovering in the Epiphone section?
  3. I'm lucky to have a guitar store in my city but they don't carry new Epiphones. I have purchased a Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro from Zzounds, and an SG from Sweetwater. I was happy with both purchases. The nice thing about Sweetwater is you can look at pics of the actual guitar you buy. But I had played both before so I knew it would be close. Unless it's damaged in some way a quick set-up is usually all that's needed, that would include strings of your choice. I've been lucky with on-line purchases and if there is something wrong you can send it back. Go for it.
  4. By all means sit down with a number of them that look good to you. Years ago I had the money to buy a nice guitar, my first nice guitar. I had drooled over a Joe Pass sat down and as beautiful as it was I wasn't comfortable playing it, do you have a Sheraton II? Yes but it's used, gave it a try and I've had that guitar for over 20 years. Don't feel you have to buy new, find something that interests you sit down and play it you might be surprised. Dennis
  5. http://elderly.com/vintage/names/epiphone-zephyr-emperor-regent-%281953%29--40U-5878.htm What a beautiful guitar.
  6. Well I have one just like it, no numbers, stickers etc. I know it's at least 20 years old I got it used in Lansing Michigan. Without any identification not sure how to find out exactly when and where. It looks like a twin of my Sheraton II.
  7. I've had mine about a year now, it's my favorite go to guitar. I try to play all of them at some time or another. But definitely my first choice. Bought online first time I had ever done that and it was flawless. Great sound and very smooth after a pro set-up. You will have a hard time finding a nicer guitar for the money.
  8. Owning a Squire Strat 50's classic vibe I think you made a good choice and like most epi's a lot of bang for the buck. When I purchased the Squire I had to choose between it and a MIM strat, there was only maybe $150 difference in price but it wasn't the savings that pushed me over the edge it was the way it played.
  9. Neil, I've top wrapped my Epiphone SG and had no problems, can't say it made a difference but it hasn't hurt anything either. have yet to do it with my Sheraton or Les Paul. Dennis
  10. That is a beauty. Takes me back to my younger days (1970's) when I owned a used but well kept Mosrite Joe Maphis double neck. I can relate to the weight, was pretty much a beginner and soon after purchasing a baby was on the way and I needed some extra money. Still have the kid, and I sure miss the guitar. Joe Maphis was no slouch as a guitar player either. Once again enjoy.
  11. I've found by sorting according to tuning eliminates a lot of tuning changes. Dennis
  12. Scott0, When you mention reflect tablature, where is it? I have the PC Version. Thanks,
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