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  1. Well, that's very generic. I mean you could give us some details in what use do you intend to do, the average power (watts) you are looking after, the range of price... You know? The usual stuff.
  2. My take: Judging only by the pictures, I would say that the first two look just the same in color. But the other two are really not equal. Just similar. By the way, I have a seaffom gream tolex amp and everytime someone takes a picture or video it turns out blue on the screen. I don't know what's the deal.
  3. No!! Hell no! My dad was spanked every day of his life by my grandpa and so he (my dad) decided that he would never raise a hand against his sons. You want to know what happened? He showed us (me and my brothers) what it means to be a man. Everyday in his life he showed us how to be frank, honest, decent and fair. He always said he never desired to be feared. Instead, he was respected by his sons. And loved - very very much. We would not disobey our father, we would not raise our voices, we would not turn our backs on him and let him be. We would listen, think feel guilty and
  4. If I could choose any bass in the worlds it would be a rick.
  5. I'm self taught the truss-rod mysteries and I can set up a guitar neck as few can.
  6. I already have mind control, but to be able to fly would be amazing!
  7. I do have a bassman in my apartment... I used to play only with the Champion (5w) in the apartment but I can't resist to the Bassman no longer. No issues yet, but I feel an aura of insurrction arising.
  8. Those younglings don't have a single bit of insight do they? They don't have a clue do them?
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