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  1. In the last 45 years I've owned and gigged with 2 Trini Lopez's, a 345, 3 335's, a 165 and a 175. As well as a couple of Ibanez's, 2 strats and a tele. All that being said, I LOVE my 335.
  2. Although far from being an expert, I have owned a few 335's in my lifetime, from a vintage sunburst dot, to a block inlay and now a plaintop ebony. My unsophisticated ears could detect no difference in sound between the three. The only difference I could see was in the price. Paid over $3K for my block inlay a few years ago, and only $2K for my plaintop, and they sound the same to me. I would get the more inexpensive one and put the savings toward a good amp.
  3. I took my 175 to a Gibson tech and he put one on for me. I'd never try to do it myself, not on a $3000+ instrument. No warranty issues.
  4. lkmuller

    My 175

    Just got a 175 a week ago and am amazed at how long it's taken me to find this guitar! I've been playing for a long time, and worked shows for almost 20 years before I got in the firehouse, but have always played 335's or similar types. The closest I ever got to a 175 was a full bodied Trini Lopez about 40 years ago, but I just wasn't good enough to appreciate it. Anyway, this 175 is just the best guitar I have ever owned, bar none, and I've got 5 other guitars sitting in my patio right now, including a practically new 335 block, an even newer 165, an Artcore AF105, an EJ Strat and a Takamine Classical. Others I've had were Ibanez Artists (2), a 345, a Trini Lopez with a 335 body, and a couple of other strats. By the way, you can see a pic of my 175 in the thread about hollow bodied Gibsons. At the extreme risk of sounding cliche', "where have you been all my life?"
  5. That is a beautiful guitar. I've always wanted to get a cherry finish but always opted for the sunburst, and in the case of my 165, the black finish. Now that I've seen yours, I'm starting feel a little GAS building up. Oh no, not again...................
  6. Well, here's a brand new member of the family. Just bought it day before yesterday, and dropped it off for a setup at the luthier's today: And here's the entire Gibson side of the family (also got an Artcore, a Strat and a Takamine Classical stashed in the patio): I got all three within the last 6 months. Had the worst case of GAS I'd ever experienced.
  7. The newer block inlays have burstbucker pros. Mine (bought in 07) has the 57 classics. Confirmed this by calling Gibson Customer service and giving them my serial number.
  8. Adele, I have been on the road and some airlines HAVE said no to putting the guitar in the overhead. Some airlines forced us to check the guitars with luggage. I used to put my 335 in an anvil ATA case, and clothes and toiletries in the regular guitar case. I would NEVER take a chance without an ATA case.
  9. Yes, I have, and someone explained to me that it was because it was a plain G string. They suggested that if I switched to a wound G, the problem would disappear. Have not changed, so can't tell you if it works or not. Wish I could be more help. I'm sure someone else here could be.
  10. No need to explain. That's all the reason you need.
  11. When that happens, I just refresh the page, and the pictures come to size.
  12. Oh yeah! Quite a family you got there. Here's another old one, a full sized Trini I had back in the early 70's. Sorry I gotta be in the pic, but it's the only one I got of that guitar.
  13. Wow, thanks! Geez, doesn't look like it was so long ago now! But it was 1968, and Waikiki was full of coeds, and I was 20 years old, and .... sigh......... Wish I kept the Trini. Thanks again!
  14. Here's a couple of the one's I own now, and one of me playing a Trini Lopez Gibby 40 years ago in Waikiki.
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