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  1. Yes I would like to revert back to FW 4.XX My first SCS4DJ died so I bought a new one and updated to 5.01 FW. However the scratching doesn't seem as sharp and it sounds awful now. Would love to have the option to reload the older FW I had on my other system. Where can we download older ones from or can someone upload please. thanks in advance.
  2. Cool... I wasn't aware of a new 5.0 firmware but will welcome it. One thing I'd love but don't know if they could add it (maybe they have already). I'd love to be able to go into the setup menu and assign some different effects to the effect buttons. I know you could do it via midi but the thing I love about the SCS4dj is no latency and you can actually scratch quite well with these. I've certainly recommend this to a few people over a laptop and seperate controller. As I said you can still use this as a midi controller so you get best of both worlds.
  3. If thats the kind of thing you need then fine. Personally I don't care. I'm a DJ I know my records / tracks. I know what goes and what doesn't most of the time. Pushing buttons to do my job defeats the whole purpose. Sure gadjets with all the latest technology are good but it can also become too clinical, too simple to the point where you are no longer djing. In effect, you just end up just programming your gadjet to perform a pre-defined step or function based on the push of a button or turn of a knob. When you do this, play this, when you press that do this. For me, mixing for pleasure shouldn't be about planning, calculating and programming samples and cue points etc.. and working out a mix all beforehand. It should be spontaneous fun and making it up as you go along. You should know your tracks, roughly know their BPM's, keys etc... and this in turn helps you become good. I make music too but most of my music isn't planned out. I do something from the top of my head and then add to it and build on it. Somethings work and some don't. The same applies to being a good DJ. It's an art you learn and then you become better at being spontanious due to your past experiences. Getting the balance between mixing the old skool way and also using some of the cool tools available to the digital jockey can be supremely fullfiling. Even more so when you do a great mix including effects and samples without hours of forward planning.
  4. I'm begining to wonder if some midi configurations have been changed... not sure how this would have happened but just reading Manual V2.0 There's a section (page 61) that mentions downloading scs4djmidictrlDEFAULT.txt file and how you can edit it to put labels onto the screen and tweak other controls. Is it possible that my knobs have been changed and that is why the Time/Rate button controls pitch on deck B. I can't find the scs4djmidictrlDEFAULT.txt file It says ..... The SCS.4DJ gives you the ability to change the default note numbers and Control Change numbers used to anything you want to use. To do this download the two template files, located in the “Support” section of the SCS.4DJ product page, http://stantondj.com/stanton-controllers-systems/scs4dj.html It then says ... The procedure to download these changes to the SCS.4DJ system is as follows. 1. Copy your two matching named files to a USB thumb drive. 2. Shutdown the SCS.4DJ system. 3. Attach the thumb drive to one of the USB ports on the SCS.4DJ system. 4. Power up the system. 5. Proceed through the SYSTEM menu to select the MIDI Controller item then select MIDI Mode to enter MIDI Controller Mode. The changes that you have specified in your two files will now be activated. These changes will be remembered through subsequent power cycles so it is now okay to remove these two configuration files from your thumb drive. If you want to change to a different mapping just repeat this procedure with your new choices. To return to the factory default values either update with the two default files in the links above or perform a Factory Reset command from the SYSTEM menu. Note that Factory Reset will change all system settings back to their default values. Stanton will make available periodically mapping files that match with commercial applications. where are these files ? Any advice appreciated. The factory reset doesn't fix the problem so thought forcing it manaually through config files may help. cheers, Mark
  5. I have similar problem.... I've found that my pitch control on deck B doesn't work at all but the time/rate knobs on both A and B can change the pitch on Deck B. However this also means that I can't use those knobs. Did a diagnostics and Pitch B seems to be faulty but then why are the knobs controlling pitch and the knobs are listed as being fine. Bizarre gadget... It would be really great to get all the functions working properly so I can use it as it was meant.
  6. Best thing would be to plug into a Kaoss Pad or even the Korg mini KP.
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