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  1. Sheesh forgot to post these pics here people and it's been quite a time but better late than never as they say! Mabe not to every ones taste but it plays and sounds just amazing! May I present my Jason Hook M4 Sherman https://flic.kr/s/aHsk8svCm8
  2. Ah yes I see ill try that out when I get 5 mins later thanks for the info on that dude!
  3. Tried uploading pictures 3 times today and it's not letting me? For some reason keeps saying file size to big when I attach it?
  4. Well they blew me away my explorer arrived yesterday so 4 days shipping door to door and the packing was superb! So DHL took it out of Germany and Parcel force collected it and dropped it to me in the U.K! Got it for 600 pound cheaper than last year at this time and got to say it plays like a dream the action is super low it's ace!I highly recommend them and will use them again next time, the guitar tech set it up for me just perfect to my request. Real nice guys I have to say and checked it from top to bottom before dispatch which I can't fault. So here's the beast anyhows as I vowed to get one of these after paying off my Firebird! :-)
  5. Well I've got the first tracking number and they said it will arrive in 2 or 3 days? But this tracking number does not work on the UPS tracking page so I'm under the assumption that DHL take it out of Germany and UPS pick it up in the U.K? But the code is not working on the DHL tracking either??? I'm quite puzzled to be fair?
  6. Has any one ever brought their new gibson from Thomann in Germany and shipped in to the U.K? If so when it's dispatched how many carriers does it pass through as in does it start with DHL and then get passed to UPS for the U.K or what? As the tracking no they gave me does not work on any of the Web tracking tools? What sort of time do they take to ship and are they outer boxed outside of the Gibson box??
  7. Funny you mention this as Lzzy Hale of Halestorm keeps hinting at a production model of her signiture white and gold hardware explorer but weather this will be a large or small run is still unknown or if it will see the light of day at all?
  8. I went through 4 bad paint jobs in white this time last year before I got a good one from Sheffield and the main problem on the white firebirds I looked at appart from a cracking in one body was marks that hadn't been polished out left by the DA sander like fine circles in the lacquer when held up to the light! Some of them were real rough! Is this a 2014 model your after dude?
  9. Hmmmm may have to check that out then thanks for your info dude!!
  10. Sweet guys thanks for all your input ive got a few packs of 10's but may check out some 11's at some point to see how they sound and play!!
  11. Yeah mine is just a tad buzzy on the top 2 strings but think its the nature of the bird as ive heard a few mention this to be fair dude!!??
  12. Now that sounds interesting Zebra i must say!! Do you get any string buzz on the top strings with those at all dude???
  13. Lol ace stuff i should have picked a couple packs up last week while i was there!!!
  14. So to all you Firebird players out there or owners around the world whats your strings of choise what make do you find offers you best sound on your Bird and what gauge are you using too?? Have you ever changed gauge?? And if so what were the results good or bad?? At the moment im finding Daddario 10's my string of choise but whats yours????
  15. I wish you could buy that smell in car air freshner lol id buy that any day!!! Yeah i thought that about the gold version too looked a bit tacky??? Did like the gold hardware though!!! How long did it take your strings to bed in nice after you changed them the first time?? The store put somecnew ones on for me of my choise so i went for some Daddarios 10 gauge!! Think they were gibson 10's on there before?? It was bit buzzy when i first tryed it but they set it up while i waited and banged the new strings on of my choise!!
  16. Thanks dudes it has been one hell of a jaunt and quite a few miles in the clock to find the perfect one but 3 months later its been worth it !!! Tonight when i got home from work i just stood and looked at it for half an hour and thought at last is this really mine!! Damn straight!!! The gloss is so high too compared to the one in guitar guitar from two weeks ago that was well rough paintwise!! I did try the gold one 50th anniversary is it?? That was nice and looked good with gold hardware too but i must say i made the trip again for the white one so that was the one for me in the end and im glad i did!!! Oh and that smell in the case too when you open it wow!!! Like a vanilla?? Not sure what they put in but it sure smells great lol!!!!
  17. Just got my New Firebird v 2010 ended up going and getting it from Richtone Music in Sheffield in the end ad has been the best one out of 5 that ive looked at over the past 3 and half months!!! Richtone also price matched Andertons in london by knocking £50 off the price and also threw in a top quallity Levys strap too for free!! Big thanks to the shop they were awsome!!!! So i have a question for all you firebird owners out there with 2010 birds on the top of the steinberger tuners there are small T peice tops that you turn to losen the string what i want to know is whats the allen key size for this tiny grub screw as mine is a tad loose and just wanna nip it up!!! Any help on this would be good please guys!! Cheerz!
  18. Wow lookin real sweet i must say!!!!!! Awesome stuff!!!
  19. Good points so whats your new bird like any imperfections in that at all??
  20. Sounds good cant wait to get a good one at last after all the crap over last few months!!
  21. Lol yes good point there!! My trouble is ive got mild ocd!! Wait make that quite bad ocd!!!!
  22. Lol yes good point there!! My trouble is ive got mild ocd!! Wait make that quite bad ocd!!!!
  23. Sounds like it Andy i know from past experience that cellulose is a lot softer than a lot of paints used today and also we use a anti scratch clearcoat on some jobs we do too that helps a lot with todays wear and tear but i think the celly finish is designed to show wear after time but it is frustrating to say the least if we just parted way with the money we pay for new guitars and what they cost these days!! So we would expect it to look decent when its new!!
  24. Thanks for your reply yes i may ask for a little discount off it though i dont think they know what there talking about in the store as the sales guy said oh some car wax will cover that up!! Yeah right i do this for a living so i know car wax wont cure it doh!!!! Sales staff eh where do they get em!!!!
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