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  1. I have absolutely no idea what is going on but this thread should be stickied....
  2. Oh, and your logo isn't really that off. Mine also looks similar.
  3. I just looked at mine... it looks identical to your larget pic. The numbers aren't very deep and I have the same "orange peel" finish.
  4. Could have been a refinished guitar. That would explain both the lack of a logo (painted over) and the numbers not showing up due to the paint partially filling it in...
  5. I have heard a LOT of good things about them. As with all Peavey's though consider having it re biased (If it is adjustable, I am not sure on that) as Peavel loves to bias thier amps cold so the tubes last longer. I personlly like peavey amps. I love em when they have had the tubes replaced and the biased set properly. The xXx my friend had was one of the most amazing amps I have ever heard and despite his best efforts in trying to upgrade to a "better" amp he just couldn't find one that beat what he already had.
  6. LOL... Desert burst. It is absolutely one of the nicest looking finishes I have ever seen. (Not bragging as it was a gift from Misses Blackened and I didn't pick it.) Sorry for the side track on the thread... I just love the look of this guitar.
  7. Yeah that is a pretty crappy thing to say actually. Stop getting sucked in by what your news media is telling you because they only want to show you the 1% that will keep you watching/listening/reading and on the edge of your seat instead of the whole picture. "Gee golly what will those awful Americans do next?!?!" Sweeping generalizations are typically reserved for the less intelligent. I implore you to aspire to a better standard.
  8. Also check out http://littlebigstar.net/main/ Looks like there is a freeware beta version of it. Don't know much about it, but looks similar. Very cool stuff...
  9. Hmmmmmm..... http://www.guitarrising.com/ There are only 30 songs on it. I certainly hope the developers plan on expanding that list. Wonder what the cost is set to be. Didn't see it on the website.
  10. Ohhhhhhhh.... I like the sound of this. Must investigate.... :-
  11. LOL... If you knew how long I had been doing it in an effort to get it to sound good you would know I already have a headache!! :D/
  12. A few years back I bought a Digitech GNX4. "Wow... I thought.... This is gonna be AWESOME!!!!" Well, not so much. I will say that there is SOME use for it. I get REALLY great recordings out of it, and the features like the drum machine and (With a PC) having the ability to program the drums is nice. But I still can't seem to use it with my amp. It sounds flat out awful. I don't hate the thing, but I sure wish I could use it with my 1/2 stack. :( Right now I have it plugged into a set of PC speakers. For noodling it is great, but for $500 (Don't know what they go for now...) I could have bought all the pedals I needed and been a lot happier. Then again, havig the ability to record is nice and i might not have been able to do so otherwise... See my Dilemma?????? ;)
  13. I love the Explorer myself. And classic white is a hell of a color for it! I think the only problem there is that every time I see one I think "James Hetfield". Still though... Awesome Playing/sounding/looking guitar.
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