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  1. I have been watching a few vintage models over the past year or so... crazy how on Ebay and even some on Reverb more and more over the past two years or so, most of the vintage guitars on there are for sale from Japan. You can literally see the shift and tide turning. I have heard stories how Japan guitar dealers set up tables at big guitar shows here in the states, They walk around with wads of cash and only buy , buy , I never witnessed it but it must be true. . Man I have no issue at all with that, but my problem is that they take the guitars are off to Japan for a 30-40% mark up
  2. I am a hypocrite, Like I said in a previous post, if I had the coin, I would probably hoard with the best of them, I would like to think I wouldn't but I probably would fall into the same trap. I think what bothers me are the you tube videos of these "collectors" ( if that is what we call them,) It isnt so much that they have them all, it is many times they feel they have to show us all their wares, to people who can never afford them., and would love to have just one. I mean play them, you are a professional magician and more gifted than I could dream about, but do I need to see
  3. And the rich get richer. Many of us wonder why, you will never play or own a vintage classic L.P. or early Martin Well, gear hoarders like this, Vince Gill, Richard Gere, etc etc. Simple supply and demand. The supply is limited when a guy has Hundred or so vintage L.P.s or yet another millionaire picker has a warehouse full of old martins or Gibsons, sitting there in the dark as he uses his influence and contacts to scour the world for another and another, and another and then somewhere in Berlin or East Jesus Arkansas there is another one, and another after that, and a poor
  4. yes all the cool guitars are spoken for, or priced so God dam**d high, the working man doesn't have a chance. Like water front property , i like how Frank is talking about his J 200's ( plural) and his les paul's or how he walks into normans and wants something extra special. The guy ilives on another planet. It sickens me, how the rich hoard the cool guitars, Joe Bossa, had a reverb article that showed the exploits of his hoarding, saddens me, But I am such a hypocrite, If I was loaded, and my brother was Sly, I would have a warehouse full of guitars also and I would hoa
  5. Even though he played a strat, that tele screams Buddy Holly to me. Which is a good thing,..... maybe the best of things.
  6. I have a "Taylor Guitar" wall mount Hygrometer, I got from sweetwater. I think it is accurate because the reading on my Humidifier always matches the Hygrometer reading within a percentage point. Who knows though, Ignorance is bliss, It may actually be 32% when both read 44%. But a mans gotta trust somebody. I go to bed at night thinking in my head that all is well in the guitar bunker. with the exception of a few ghosts and some broken dreams. But that is another story. HA.
  7. The Older martins that he plays and boasts about, only a guy like him can afford. I am sure the ol boy hoards them like every other superstar. Kind of short sided and self righteous to proclaim ones love for Brazillian Martins, when many struggling blue collar muscians who support him will never have the opportunity to play one. Like my old man used to always say before he whooped me and my brothers as*es, "If you dont have anything good to say, dont say anything at all". Not a big fan, but not, not a fan either, although I do understand his importance and talent.
  8. Yeah man I get it. I understand. I admit there is some fan boy in me. I see Lennon playing his J 160E It just somehow feels better to me sitting playing N-wood on a vintage J 160e. Would the song sound better on a Newer Martin or Dove? Yes probably, Or if I see frampton playing his 64 Texan, I want to play a Texan when I play Baby I love your way on a Texan. Yeah it is stupid and Juvenile I know. I have never made a profit on a Vintage Guitar and i have bought and sold many usually to acquire another. But just dont insult what little intelligence I have , and act like you are selli
  9. Yes Sir, My Maddie is the best. I would take a bullet for her, and her for me. There is not a person alive, the wife included that I would put before my girl blue girl Maddie. I leave the house without her, she sits by the door for hours until I get back, drives my wife nuts. She sleeps right along side me and to be honest, dont know what the hell I am going to ever do without her. Hope she lives forever.
  10. Its all a sham. Many of these Vintage and specialty guitar shops online, advertise themselves to be So G.D customer friendly, Humbled to serve, and find great world class instruments homes, where musicians with tears in their eyes riff in front of roaring fires in their little cottages overlooking the sea.( ok those are my words but you get it) My A**.!!!!! Every one of these guys I have ever been in contact with is all about the money. Fat Cat Middle men. And that is fine, I get it,, it is obviously what keeps the lights on and food on the table, but dont B.SH*! me and advertise
  11. Must be an aussie dog thing. I have a rescued Aussie Blue Heeler who is the smartest dog I have ever seen.
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