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  1. I have been watching a few vintage models over the past year or so... crazy how on Ebay and even some on Reverb more and more over the past two years or so, most of the vintage guitars on there are for sale from Japan. You can literally see the shift and tide turning. I have heard stories how Japan guitar dealers set up tables at big guitar shows here in the states, They walk around with wads of cash and only buy , buy , I never witnessed it but it must be true. . Man I have no issue at all with that, but my problem is that they take the guitars are off to Japan for a 30-40% mark up and there they sit on Ebay. Go ahead look up a vintage J 45 or a Dove and see how many are in Japan for sale. Pretty soon, a man wants a vintage Dove or a J 45 like he used to play when he was a kid, he is going to have to pay a 40% mark up and get it from Tokyo. Sign of the times I guess. Yeah, I get it, there are a few vintage guitar dealers here in the states also, that I dont have much use for either, but Jesus!!. Look at some of the prices on these things in Japan. All buy it now, broken english in the descriptions and no negotiations. I am going to have to get my bucket list completed, before its too late, and a 68 dove will cost me 15 grand. I get capitalism, supply and demand, Hell someone must be paying that. Right? But Just wow. very surprised the past year or so with the speed that all of this has happened, they have definitely cornered , or are near cornering the market on Vintage Gibsons, Martins, Fenders. Does any change ever happen for the better? T
  2. I am a hypocrite, Like I said in a previous post, if I had the coin, I would probably hoard with the best of them, I would like to think I wouldn't but I probably would fall into the same trap. I think what bothers me are the you tube videos of these "collectors" ( if that is what we call them,) It isnt so much that they have them all, it is many times they feel they have to show us all their wares, to people who can never afford them., and would love to have just one. I mean play them, you are a professional magician and more gifted than I could dream about, but do I need to see inside your Bunker that holds 900 rare guitars?.
  3. And the rich get richer. Many of us wonder why, you will never play or own a vintage classic L.P. or early Martin Well, gear hoarders like this, Vince Gill, Richard Gere, etc etc. Simple supply and demand. The supply is limited when a guy has Hundred or so vintage L.P.s or yet another millionaire picker has a warehouse full of old martins or Gibsons, sitting there in the dark as he uses his influence and contacts to scour the world for another and another, and another and then somewhere in Berlin or East Jesus Arkansas there is another one, and another after that, and a poor widow in Georgia who has her husbands tucked under the bed, but she has to pay the bills, The king shares a secret or two with us as the glory of his collection hurts the naked eye. For the king knows that we are every bit of a threat to his kingdom as a gnat is to a grizzled timber wolf. he gloats and dismisses Ebay and reverb, Poor man auction houses are for suckers...Scurry on like ants, away. But Don't worry minions, you are safe there, I wont come and steal a guitar from you there, he laughs and all his court laughs and grunts with him. He speaks of talking loud when he finds a guitar so he can turn a spouse against her husband so he can get the treasure, cheaper, cheaper, cheaper. The minions should know, , that they don't stand a chance.. In a land far , far away, every so often, when this does happen, and the powerful almighty king is most gracious enough to let the poor townsfolk minions take a quick peek behind the curtain, into the inner sanctum of the castle, into the piles and piles of riches he has accrued. There is no embarrassment of riches here. Quite the contrary, He sits back with his double chin, on his Italian leather sofa, and gloats over his latest find, as the sweat from his giant brow and the drool from his pouty lips slowly turns the gold top l.p. green, and his beautiful wife, serves him tea and crumpet. The minions marvel at what they could never have. The gold tops glisten under the soft light from imported light fixtures, Stacks of guitar cases that cold blacken out a noon day sun border a path through the large vibrant room, Vintage Fender and Vox amps are stacked like chord wood , Rare neon signs, adorn every wall, In the background there is a priceless hand carved walnut curio full of vintage pedals and Hand tooled leather straps, And the king gloats, shows off his majesty and plays a few quick pentatonic blues licks for the needy's amusement . He somehow feels it is important to show to world what he has. Like an dictator that marches his thousands of goose stepping soldiers, lines of tanks and jeeps, and interbalistic missiles through the street, that is lined with peasants, that ache at the sight of it all and only dream for a small cup full of gruel. Only if, they could touch the lapel on his majestys blazer, only if, could they play as fast as him? Could they play with as much feel as him. Only if.. OnlyIf. Now its Time to go , For his majesty has show you all enough. the quick look is over, his majesty is so bored with you all. the iron gate closes behind them, . Then, the masses begin to disperse like fleas on a stray dog. Then, a loud bang, a crash, the doors open again, the alligators in the moat frighten and submerge, Four muscular White steeds rear up on their hind legs and whisk a shiny large black carriage over the cobble stone draw bridge. The king is off on yet another quest, he has hear rumors from his court jester that there is another 1960 gold top that belongs to a elderly lady who really may not know what it is worth, and may really have to sell. it for substinence. The king tosses a half smoked cuban cigar out of his speeding coach window as the feet of, the old/young peasant The peasant picks up the butt and takes a toke, He then pulls the tattered collar up on his wool coat and turns away into the cold december wind. A song begins to play in the town at the bottom of the hill. The young/old man smiles because his $100 Yamaha acoustic is waiting for him, next to his old rocking chair and stone fireplace, the man smiles and laughs as all the townspeople do. They all laugh quietly at the king, and feel as if they just left a prison, not a luxurious castle. The peasant desends down into the valley towards home, and thinks to himself, how lucky he is not to be the king. For shackles come in many forms, and he walks away free, like a bird, while it is the king who's heart is racing this winter morn .It is the king who is hungry and starving in a different, more tragic way then the townspeople. It is the king who searches the earth ignorant to the fact that no matter how many vintage, priceless guitars the king and his court beg, borrow , steal and toss in the empty void inside of the king it can never and will never be filled. The the young/old peasant looks up and the rising sun, More gold than any gold top could ever be, the singing birds, prettier than any Add9 chord he has ever heard, and he is happy, free, content and at peace. And that, is the greatest treasure of all. Long live the King, and let them Eat Cake
  4. yes all the cool guitars are spoken for, or priced so God dam**d high, the working man doesn't have a chance. Like water front property , i like how Frank is talking about his J 200's ( plural) and his les paul's or how he walks into normans and wants something extra special. The guy ilives on another planet. It sickens me, how the rich hoard the cool guitars, Joe Bossa, had a reverb article that showed the exploits of his hoarding, saddens me, But I am such a hypocrite, If I was loaded, and my brother was Sly, I would have a warehouse full of guitars also and I would hoard with the best of them, i am sure of it. I'd like to think I would be different, and have the attitude of Carlos Santana or Prince, but I gotta be honest. For now, all I can do is spend every dime i got in getting better, and THAT is the more important then a house full of rare cool guitars. Right? Someone tell me I am right?
  5. Even though he played a strat, that tele screams Buddy Holly to me. Which is a good thing,..... maybe the best of things.
  6. The Older martins that he plays and boasts about, only a guy like him can afford. I am sure the ol boy hoards them like every other superstar. Kind of short sided and self righteous to proclaim ones love for Brazillian Martins, when many struggling blue collar muscians who support him will never have the opportunity to play one. Like my old man used to always say before he whooped me and my brothers as*es, "If you dont have anything good to say, dont say anything at all". Not a big fan, but not, not a fan either, although I do understand his importance and talent. Nonetheless, he makes no impact on my preferences.
  7. Yeah man I get it. I understand. I admit there is some fan boy in me. I see Lennon playing his J 160E It just somehow feels better to me sitting playing N-wood on a vintage J 160e. Would the song sound better on a Newer Martin or Dove? Yes probably, Or if I see frampton playing his 64 Texan, I want to play a Texan when I play Baby I love your way on a Texan. Yeah it is stupid and Juvenile I know. I have never made a profit on a Vintage Guitar and i have bought and sold many usually to acquire another. But just dont insult what little intelligence I have , and act like you are selling me Christs sandals and I owe you a kings ransom for the honor. Thats all I guess. if you want a vintage guitar, where else can you go though? Sometimes your stuck. But I get what you are saying, maybe someday I will mature enough that a lot of this SH*T doesnt matter, maybe not.
  8. Yes Sir, My Maddie is the best. I would take a bullet for her, and her for me. There is not a person alive, the wife included that I would put before my girl blue girl Maddie. I leave the house without her, she sits by the door for hours until I get back, drives my wife nuts. She sleeps right along side me and to be honest, dont know what the hell I am going to ever do without her. Hope she lives forever.
  9. Its all a sham. Many of these Vintage and specialty guitar shops online, advertise themselves to be So G.D customer friendly, Humbled to serve, and find great world class instruments homes, where musicians with tears in their eyes riff in front of roaring fires in their little cottages overlooking the sea.( ok those are my words but you get it) My A**.!!!!! Every one of these guys I have ever been in contact with is all about the money. Fat Cat Middle men. And that is fine, I get it,, it is obviously what keeps the lights on and food on the table, but dont B.SH*! me and advertise that "we are humbled to find the right instruments for the right people" or "We take trades", until you actually have a trade, Then... not so much. or "We negotiate and will treat you how we want to be treated" Until you actually make an offer that is far above what the universe deems reasonable, and they want full what they are asking. and will not come off one dime, Or, "We will consign it for you", Until you offer to ship your vintage guitar to him to sell for you ,as he advertises, and apply whatever he can get for it to the guitar you are buying from him, and they reply "Pass". Or how about the time, the D- bag sends you a factory 2nd guitar , and when you call him on it, they get all defensive and tries to tell you that it doesn't really matter, because they sell for the same amount as ones that are not marked "2". You swallow hard and move on. It is endless. It eats at you like erosion. For Those who do not know and wish to venture out into the cold unforgiving world of buying vintage or specialty guitars from caretaker boutique shops, Trust no one, you have no friends, It is every man for himself. No one cares about finding a vintage instrument the RIGHT home like is is some kind of Just , Holy, profitless crusade, no matter how many times these charlatans advertise it. Know that, it aint so. If you want a guitar one of them has, grease up and pay up chump, you will get screwed, kicked in the teeth, so shut up, bite the curb while they stand on your neck, and take it. It has happened to me OVER and OVER by different "Caretakers". It is like making cookies from a mold, They are all the same. All of them. Sometimes I admire the ruthless Japan Guys more who set up tables at shows, pay with wads of cash , buy and hoard everything American they can, take it back overseas, mark it up 40% and sell it back to America because they make no bones about it. No lies, no bullsh*T , Or the Rich Guys like Vince Gill who hoard every pre war and early martin he can,Dozens and dozens sit there in dark humidified rooms, just screaming to be played, or Grand Posers like Richard Gere who have rooms and rooms full of vintage, priceless guitars and can not play a lick. laughable, all of it. What a raquet!!!! There, I vented, I feel much better now.
  10. Must be an aussie dog thing. I have a rescued Aussie Blue Heeler who is the smartest dog I have ever seen.
  11. Cool story, The CF's 100 are pretty cool with the cutaway. None the less, keep it, play it and maybe you can pull some of that 3 chord Johnny Cash Mojo out of her. Cash = Legend
  12. GO transparent black. or find what ur hero plays, and buy that one
  13. A$$ chewings are the norm around here, just nod your head and turn up your amp.
  14. If I was to buy new, it would be Sweetwater, I have bought a couple of guitars in the past, crazy fast shipping, No questions asked returns, they set up every new guitar to your liking. Call and ask for Sales Associate Chris Leonard. He is the man. Good luck.
  15. Yes man, she sounds Fantastic as bright as you would expect a Dove to sound. Small nut which I dig. I just dont play it. I have a beat up, 76' H Bird that I never put away and that is why she has been in the closet. She does need to be set up as her strings are a little too heavy for my liking. She is exiled to the closet here by the workhorse Hummingbird which is just more comfortable to me. aS far as the humidity goes, I dont live in Colorado, I bought it from Telluride online- Great people I might add. I am in Chicago area, and my 9 x 12 guitar room bunker and closet is kept at 47-50 constantly and I wear out those humidipaks. Yeah I dont know much about it, I got it for a great price, and as you can tell my my avatar, I am a huge stones fan, so it was kind of a no brainer when I saw it online. I like to surf random guitar shops online, as you never know what will turn up. This one did. It would of been great to find out, that Ronnie owns the other one, but as stated above, They were probably samples or something and ronnie chose to go with a J200, as we all know he plays J 200's and martins. But who knows, he may own the other one. in my mind he does.. I think I will take her in to get set up and play her a bit. thanks for the info guys, there are no other identifiable markings on her. I was told by Telluride that it was was brought into the shop and sold to them by some well off guy who got it at an Auction or a charity event years ago. i gt to figure out how to post my own pictures I am technically illiterate among other things.
  16. Ha, Any port in the storm brother.
  17. I bought this custom Ronnie Wood Dove from a Colorado ( Telluride) music shop a year ago. Can anyone out there tell me anything about it. It has a small nut width, Ronnies signature on the fret board , and doves in flight on the headstock as pictured. The guy at Telluride told me that someone brought it in as a trade, he thinks it came from an auction in the past. It says Gibson 2 of 2 1996 Ronnie Wood. So I assume only 2 were made, or 2 were made in 96' Thoughts? I saved the link from Telluride as they still have it out there is cyberspace as sold. I can always take other pics of it with my phone if someone needs other pics to Identify = I have had it in the closet for a year as I bought it last Feb. My link
  18. I am in the minority here, I love the EB double pick guard look. Gawdy, like a beautiful check out girl or waitress with too much make up on and full of tats. Big muffled jumbo. I am looking for a late 60's early 70's Gibson model if anyone comes across one at their local shop the next few months. Gibby, late 60's are hard to find brothers.
  19. thanks for the advice and opinions boys Havent pulled the trigger yet. But I am close.
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