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  1. Thanks for all feedback guys. I am definitely not going to sell this guitar as it was a graduation present from my wonderful grandparents, though I had to throw in a bit of my own money. I’m still amazed that we could even have afforded it honestly, lol! I think I’m going to go ahead and keep it the way it is. I mean, the more I play it and jam with it the more comfortable it gets. I haven’t taken it to a show yet because if you know what happed to Jimmy Page’s Les Paul Custom, that’s why. I did play a 1968/1969 Les Paul Custom that had the fretless wonder frets and honestly I thought it was absolutely amazing. Someone had painted over it in a gross brown color but it played so so good. The thing that puts me off it the neck is a little chunky when standing up after playing for an hour or so. I guess I was just over thinking it all.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has anything to say about Historic Makeovers, located in Florida. I’ve been on the fence about getting my Black Beauty made-over. I would like to have a more comfortable Les Paul, I just don’t know if it is worth it or not. I’ve been hearing nothing but great reviews though I wanted to reach out and see what people who have gone through with a makeover have said. I want the following done: Historically accurate Top Carve slimmed down neck to vintage profile unplasicized nitro lacquer finish Fretless wonder frets installed My Black Beauty is based off a 1960 model but the neck is a little chunky for that, I think they just took a 1957 True Historic model and basically worked from there because the neck isn’t huge but it’s a little chunkier than I like. Also the Fretless wonder frets is something I've wanted from the start though Gibson didn’t offer it. I also have the option of either getting this makeover or purchasing a Marshall Bluesbreaker reissue amplifier and I’m really stuck. I always go back and forth between loving the feel of my Les Paul to not loving it so much. I’m kind of on the fence about a makeover so if anyone out there has had one done or has anything to say about the Fretless wonder fret profile I would love to hear. thank you for reading, any help is appreciated! -Antonio
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew if the custom shop was able to do the fretless wonder fret profile on SG/Les Paul customs. I got a custom shop Trie Historic Black Beauty a few years ago and they told me they can’t, to which I never got a reason why they couldn’t. So if that’s not the case and I can’t, does anyone have any info on how much it would be to install those frets on my current Black Beauty? Was thinking about getting an SG/Les Paul Custom with those frets and if I can’t I’ll just get them on my Les Paul Custom. I had the chance to play a late 60’s Custom with those frets and I felt a little cheated when my “replica” wasn’t a completely historic replica of a 1960 Balck Beauty which had fretless wonder frets. And yeah, I know that a lot of people put jumbo or medium frets because they didn’t like the low frets but I do. Any help or info is much appreciated! -Antonio
  4. Yeah I wasn’t planing on totally sanding it down to bare wood, I should’ve mentioned that my bad. I was hoping to ware down the actual lacquer finish, “soak it in” so to speak. Is that only obtainable by age or is there a way to accelerate it? Some of the aged Les Pauls I’ve played have the lacquer completely gone -sometimes to bare wood and sometimes just to the dye or finish and I’m leaning more towards the latter
  5. Hello I have a ‘57 true Historic that I got for a decent price, I plan to use it as my main squeeze but the only problem I have with it, something I’ve heard and seen a lot of.. Sticky neck. It’s so bad I was thinking of returning it, but the sound, price and quality is too good to give back. So I’m reaching out to the community and pros to ask them their opinion, I would like to sand the finish down so there’s no more sticky neck. I’ve done it a Fender and the results were great it was exactly what I needed. I polish the neck on this Black Beauty after each time I play and I’m sill having issues. Since I’m keeping it, I was considering sanding it down myself or have a friend that can do it nicer than I. Will this hurt the value of the guitar? (Even if I’m keeping it) What is the best way to go about this? I normally wouldn’t do this to a guitar, but I love this one and I would like to make it more playable. Any tips, advice or general knowledge on this would help. Thank you! -Antonio
  6. Ah this is why it's good to ask questions! I've gotten a few different answers on this. My first instinct was to adjust the pickups, I see that the Custom Shop sets their instruments up slightly different from the USA models anyways. I'm switching to a much lighter gauge string on this Black Beauty so once I do restring I think I'll just take her in to get a pro setup and explain my issue with the pups Thanks for your input Pip!
  7. Hello, it's been a while since I've been on here! I recently got a 3-pickup Black Beauty with a push/push pot that adds the middle pickup. There is a rather noticeable volume drop when using my neck pickup compared to the bridge pickup but I'm aware that the middle and bridge pickups share the same vol/tone pot. So When -both- pickups' volumes are at 10, the bridge pickup is significantly louder than the neck. So, I recently read Mitch Gallager's Guitar Tone book and in it he notes about Peter Green's Les Paul and how the neck pickup was switched. I'm also aware he got that out-of-phase tone with the neck pickup's magnet being installed upside down. However, the book says flipping the neck pickup 180° will give the neck pickup more output and a darker tone. I was just wondering if rotating the neck pickup in my Black Beauty would help with the volume difference (in addition to adjusting the pickups) and actually give it a darker tone. Thank you and any help would be much appreciated, as I'm just beginning to mod circuitries and such. Thanks, -Zeppeholic
  8. I figured it'd take a long time. I think I'll just stick with getting a Black Beauty then, seeing as it would be just a little less expensive I'm sure. Thanks
  9. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to order a Les Paul with a tie-dye quilt top. I know places like Wildwood have the Made 2 measure program, but I wasn't sure if this would be too much to ask for. I've thought about it in the past and in light of Aurora Borealis les Paul I was thinking they could just stain the quilt-top with the colors. I'm not sure if this is a dumb idea or not because personally I'd like to own one outfitted with historic appointments like the True Historic specs and all that. Does anyone know how much a finish like that would cost with a ebony back? Was thinking of a Les Paul Custom as apposed to a Standard, perhaps a 3-pickup Black Beauty with a tie-dye quilt top and bigsby. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. This is actually pretty close, but I mean a solid emerald green, like a dark smooth green. Not a burst. I actually have seen the mint/lime green one at Wildwood, while yes it is green, it's not my type and frankly I don't like that color haha. I guess I can see what will happen, I know Wildwood told me they could do my Les Paul Custom with true historic specs and such. Maybe I'll ask them if they're able to do a Hummingbird too? (also, the reason why I want a Hummingbird is because not only is it my favorite acoustic besides a Martin D35, but my grandmother had one that was stolen from her in the early 70s, she got this guitar from a musician down in New Mexico. He gave a J-45 to my Aunt and the Hummingbird to my grandma. Both guitars were stolen when they moved from Farmington NM to Colorado. So it's kind of a cool story and I'd love to play one for her)
  11. Hello, I've been thinking about special-ordering a Hummingbird acoustic-electric in a emerald green color, but want to know where the area of price would be. Just a standard Hummingbird in an emerald green finish, maybe with VOS finish as well, as my experience with Gibsons is the annoying stick neck syndrome. Just curious is all, if I went ahead with it I would get her from Wildwood, seeing as they're just a few miles from where I live. Also, it's either this or a 1960 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty with the true historic specs and VOS aging, as well as custom wiring (super indecisive but I have the price area for the black beauty, just wanna know how much a Hummingbird would be)
  12. Led Zeppelin is my favorite band, I have their first album signed by all four members.. I have a bootleg of them from 1972 at the L.A Forum (a little different than the one that was released on How The West Was Won) I also have their soundcheck bootleg "A tribute to Johnny Kid and the Pirates" as well as other memorabilia, books, etc, I'm only 18, but it's a real fine way to start
  13. I played a '65 ES345 reissue (cherry red) with those pickups in it. I can tell you they are the best sounding pickup Gibson's come up with in a long time, definitely beat the Custom Buckers that the Custom Shop uses on their LP reissues. That same day I played a 1960 Les Paul reissue and the 345 blew it away. Given that the les Paul was poorly set up and its my favorite guitar ever.. The best thing Gibson could do is put those MHS pickups in some solid-body Les Pauls. Yes those pickups are THAT amazing
  14. okay.. '58 necks are huge, and rounded. They're really chunky. '59 necks are still a little chunky, but shaved down a tad, they're quite rounded. '60 neck a.k.a "slimtaper' neck are shaved down a ton, and are a little flat but still a little round. It's very slim compared to the '58 and '59. It's my favorite profile, slim and a little round
  15. While I hardly find any specs on the Custom Buckers, they should be the same with alnico 3 mags and such
  16. The whole reason a lot of us buy a reissue is FOR the pickups.. The custom buckers are the closest thing to the originals, unless you build your own from Seymour Duncan. They nail it.
  17. Uh... I'm aware of the Les Paul's history and neck profiles to specific years and such... But this had nothing to do with anything I asked, nor was it in the realm of it.. My question was how does the slim Jimmy Page neck profile compare to the 1960 slimtaper neck in terms of shape and measurements... Is it thinner, more round, etc?
  18. Someone who had the JP LP actually measured each fret up to the 13th, and they do up and down really awkwardly, but the pictures of Page's Les Paul's neck shows it being ridiculously slim
  19. Hello! I haven't been on the forums in a good 6 months, and I've been doing a lot of research on Gibsons and such. I have a huge question that I can't seen to find the answer to. I know that Jimmy Page (Zeppelin) had a '58/'59 LP in which the neck was shaved down, the Gibson CS did a reissue in the 90's and mid 2000s with a more accurate take on that neck. My question is, how does this neck profile compare to a 1960 Slim-Taper neck? The dimensions for the JP LP are; Frets; 1. 21.67mm 2. 20.3mm 3. 20.00mm 4. 19.87mm 5. 19.87mm 6. 20.08mm 7. 20.34mm 8. 22.02mm 9. 22.7mm 10. 20.96mm 11. 21.47mm 12. 22.02mm 13. 22.7mm How do these dimensions compare to a 60's slim-taper neck? Is it slimmer or thicker? Thanks, -Zeppeholic
  20. Yeah, a lowish bluesy sound like the link I put
  21. Well you see, I don't want to use a pedal for the bluesy sound, I just want it to come from my amp, I have a small Marshall that I have on the crunch channel. I like that setting, it's just too harsh. I'm just looking for a Marshall Head with a mellow-like bluesy sound. Kind of like this in a way:
  22. Hello, I need some help on which amplifier head I should get. The output I'm looking for is 100-Watts or above, and I prefer it to be Marshall. The tone I've been looking for is a Blues-Rock sound, like a mix of Zeppelin and Cream, a smooth but heavy blues-rock sound, something vintage-like to capture that bluesy overdrive. The head I've been looking at is a 1959SLP reissue. I don't like a lot of gain or a ton of overdrive, but something thick l hard and bluesy. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it
  23. No, Gibson makes all these one-off guitars, posts them on Facebook and they never seem to be on any website that sells Gibson Custom Shop guitars, it makes me really mad actually, knowing that they have the time to build all these crazy one-offs but don't have the time to do some special orders? Ridiculous.
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