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  1. Hi, I’m writing because I have a problem and have not been able to find a solution, although I have seen that many people had similar problems. I have a xs-1fpa bass and the truss rod maxes out too soon to straighten the neck. I get a minimum relief of 0,50 mm. (0,02 inches at the eighth fret with the first and seventeenth frets pressed) with the truss rod maxed out. In my experience adjusting other guitars and synapse guitars (not basses), this truss rod seems to allow for fewer rounds than others, reaching its maximum sooner than expected. The truss rod is working properly on both ways and I am using extra light strings. Without strings and with the truss rod completely loosened, the neck shows more relief than other necks (which normally are completely or almost completely straight). I have though of dismantling the truss rod nut (and the string holder) to check if it is really maxed out or if there is a problem with the threads or lubrication, I also considered adding spacers or swapping the nut if it has not many rounds. There are other aspects I have considered such as the truss rod end having moved forward or trying to straighten the neck by clamping it in order to aid the truss rod straighten the neck. Before moving on, and as far as many people had issues with synapse truss rods, I would like to kindly ask for any guidance. Does anybody have a similar experience with this bass? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you, Bernd. The information at the website was driving me crazy. Then I'll go for the "standard" SS-F2.
  3. Hi, I am looking for a travel guitar and found the SS-F2 as well as the SS-F2 custom at my local dealer. I was positively impressed by the SS-F2 (it was cheaper than the custom and for a travel guitar, I believe it to be superb) but have a doubt. At Steinberger website, in the general description of the SS-F2 (also in the case of the SS-F2 custom) it is stated that it has a "neck-thru body design", whereas in the specs it is said that the neck joint is a "ste" (I assume, it is a misspelt "set") neck. In the case of the SS-F2 customs, the specs say that neck joint is neck-thru. However, I did not notice any difference between each guitar (I believed the only difference being the body finish). Could anyone confirm whether the SS-F2 neck-joint is actually a set-neck and not a neck-thru (and that it is different from the neck joint used in the custom)? I have searched over the web, but have not found any information on this issue. Thanks! PS. Sorry for my bad non-native English!
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