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  1. Thanks for posting photos of your guitar - it does look a lot like mine - and yes, mine plays very well. Btw, I thought about changing the knobs to the gold ones as well. I think it looks much better. Re: the '59 reissue, I have seen that and it is a beautiful guitar, but I'm very happy with the one I have, so I think I'll keep it ;-)
  2. Thanks for the info and the link. That kind of makes me curious about how many such special runs are released by Gibson, but are never mentioned on their website. I was actually very happy to get this guitar because it was exactly what I wanted it, but the only one that was similar on the website was the 1959 single pickup reissue, so I was actually wondering if this was some sort of in-between model. But anyway, thanks again for the information! -RE
  3. The dealer I bought it from is not an authorized Gibson dealer so I doubt it was a special run for them. I did ask them about it - where they got it and so forth, and they didn't offer much information. Though I don't question or doubt their reputation. I was actually hoping Gibson might be able to offer more information, but as I've said - they don't seem to answer emails sent to the addresses listed above. Does anyone know of any other addresses that might yield better results? -RE
  4. I'd like to get more information about my guitar. I've sent emails to both Customer.Relations@gibson.com and service@gibson.com with photos of full front, back, headstock (front/back), inside sticker, full serial number and questions but received no reply for some reason. It's an ES-175SP, with serial number 1xxx2xxx (hence, 2012). It has a Certificate of Authenticity and Gibson Custom case. I'd like to know: - was this a special order? - why isn't this model on the Gibson website? - what is the exact model? is it a reissue? a special issue? etc. - what are the construction details? is the fretboard a single piece? or laminate? any additional info is greatly appreciated. It's an excellent guitar and I'd just like to learn more about it. -RE
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