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  1. You are right, this guitar doesn´t "feel love" for a long time!!! The owner didn´t open the case for years, I´m hopping that he decides to bring her to me to restore!!!
  2. Hi you are right, the guitar is in bad shape, but if it´s going to be sold I´m going to restore it. I´ve already searched for Kluson Super tuners Waffleback, I´ve found new ones and used from the same year of the guitar. The only thing that I´m not going to do is apply new finish, as I´ve seen in lots of vintage guitars on sale!!! The guitar is going to be sold as good as the original construction allows me to!!
  3. Hi!!! You were right, it´s from 1969 because the pots have the code 137 69 xx, if they are original the guitar couldn´t be more old then that. Do you now, more or less, how much could that guitar worth?
  4. And the winner is ...................btoth76!!!! You were right it was made in 1969. The potenciometer code is 137 69 XX (I don´t remember the last 2 numbers, the "week". Or 22 or 28!!!) Does anyone know were I can find a data base or a list with prices. The price of the product at the time it was launched and the price that could be worth now!
  5. Thanx!!! The owner thinks that it´s older, maybe maybe not. But it´s a Black Beauty no doubt about it. And those knobs? I´ve never seen one with these kind of knobs, could they be original? The owner already bought it , used, like that in the 70s.
  6. I know it doesn´t make sense, the numbers are a little faded!!
  7. I´ve already seen that the potenciometer code that I posted is not the one that you asked me!!! When I have it I will poste!! But when I have it I also will know the information that you would give me, learning is a beautiful thing!!!
  8. Hi!! Thanx for the reply!!! The pontenciometers codes are TX 1158 500k AT The serial number I´m not sure it´s a little faded. I thin it´s 852036A or 852096A or 85203GA or 85209GA But UI can send you pictures if you want.
  9. Hi, this is my first topic here in this forum!!! I want help to identify this guitar, the year it was build,etc. I work as a guitar tech and luthier and I have a client that owns this guitar. He bought it years ago in Portugal from an American musician and as you can see from the pictures the guitar as been stored and not played for many years. I haven´t had the chance to see the guitar "personally", only the pictures, and here in Portugal we don´t have many information about old instruments, so I came here to get some help from more informed and expert people!!! I searched for the information related to the serial number but didn´t find any information. The tuning machines have been changed but the older ones are in the pictures, the control knobs are different from any Les Paul that I have seen, but the owner already bought it that way. All the other parts and electronic are original. The serial number it´s a litlle bit faded. This guitar was bought used in the 70´s from a musician, not a store, and my client said that at that time it was already old!! Hope you can give me some information, the owner wants to restore it to sell, but wants to know more about it´s history! I can send these and other photos by email, I had to reduce the size of them and couldn´t post all of them Thanx!
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