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  1. I would start by removing all external devices, flash it and revert to factory defaults... If that fails, return the unit.
  2. 1) No, there is no external monitor option 2) The playlist should be on your USB drive, insert it into your computer and find the m3u file and delete it. 3) No need for that, the browse display will show your music from both drives 4) You did turned up the master volume on the front of the unit? Crossfader in the center? Volume on the deck turned up? How is the sound on the headphones? Did you try both outputs (Jack and RCA)? Perhaps it is faulty, did your shop try an other unit? You didn't bought a poor product - the SCS.4DJ is performing very good for me. It is very reliable, never freezed - with a song database of over 24.000 MP3s. I do however use this workflow which works very nice for me: - Analyse tracks with Platinum Notes - this makes all tracks the same loudness (so I don't need to tweak that on the fly playing tracks) - Analyse tracks with Mixed in Key - you can skip this if you don't care about mixing in key. For me, I'm lazy, don't want to find out myself, let the software do the job, let me handle the mixing ;-). - Clean up ALL tags except: title, artist, year, genre, comment, key, bpm and image. I also clean all id3 v1 tags and APE, just use v2.3 tags. And rename the files to artist - title, but that's your choice. - Analyse the tracks with quickgrid - Create playlists with oddgravity Playlist creator - Copy all to USB disk (I've formatted with NTFS - I've tested this and was faster that FAT) - Prepare USB disk with Quickgrid - jam the USB into the SCS4DJ and load the playlist into active playlist, or play tracks from the browser You might also buy a USB keyboard - makes searching for tracks a breeze - I use one wireless with the dongle inside the unit under the cover. I've been debating about buying a different set, checked out a Pioneer pro system, two CDJ 2000Nexus with a nice DJM 900Nexus - cool stuff, but only a few more options a nicer (bit more effects, larger platters, bigger screens), but hey - the price difference (even with the bought software, which you might buy anyway using the Pioneers) is over 10x more... But to be honest - there are lovers, there are haters - for me the unit does the job every time during gigs, it's small, easy to carry - just love it.
  3. This feature is pretty nifty I must say. What I do is having some hot cues in the song to samples or 'usable' parts (drum roll, funny sound, whatever). If I would like to use it anywhere in the track (to make a sort of remix), I hit "Touch", jam the hotcues, and jam the "Touch" afterwards and the track continues to play like is never touched... I've also set the brake speed to fast to have this vinyl break sound, even combined with this time rift... Hit touch, hit play for that break effect, hit play again and touch almost at the same time. When you time this correctly, you'll get a fresh surprising break :-).
  4. Is this still the case with MP3TAG? I've cleaned, sorted, changed well over 20.000 songs with it, analysis with the Quickgrid for PC works fine, and I havn't had ANY issues playing the files (with sets over several hours)... I must say I strip just about everything except title, artist, genre, album, year and comment (which is filled by Mixed in Key). Just wondering... Ontopic: I must say I never analyse on the unit - running it on the PC/MAC is much much faster and I've learned to just integrate in into my workflow. Perhaps you changed the ID3 tag a little which changes the MD5SUM of the MP3, not only for those 50-70 songs, but all of them (perhaps compare the modified date?). With what filesystem is that flash drive formatted?
  5. So I'm wondering... How did the template worked out for you? Is is okay, can you suggest any features?
  6. Hi all, have been a little offline for a while. Can you please check thread: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/110897-i-need-help-mapping-to-mix/ I've shared the files over there. Let me know if this needs tweaking, and I'll work on it. Good luck Cheers, Bouke
  7. Hi, You can start using this and tweak. I've been using this controller map quite succesful. It has been a while, but I've done somethings with LED, and also mapped things like snap, hide/show disk, keylock on/off. Also looping is mapped. Also did tweaking with the platters. Just let me know how this works for you. Cheers. Bouke SCS4DJ.zip
  8. No, but most likely you'll have a external mixer already which you can use to control the booth monitors volume.
  9. I've never seen it crashing on browsing playlists... In fact, I've never seen it crashing...
  10. Very nice! Although I don't do this often, this tool might come in handy :-).
  11. You can create multiple playlists, even offline (I use Playlist Creator: http://www.oddgravity.de/app-opc.php). You cannot browse folders. You can however auto generate playlists from folders, so you can find the songs inside the playlists. It is also very easy to search once you attach usb keyboard (or use a bluetooth wireless one with a dongle). I think you won't regret buying this unit. It's lots of fun, I'm (amongst others) very happy with it.
  12. So far testing is good! Unit responds fast with 21.065 songs in library. First boot with all the songs took a while. So far I have not found any issues. I wonder what to test... Just curious: is there still debug code in this release (so would a final release result in a even faster unit?).
  13. So far so good for beta testing (on PC). I like the option where to put the analyser files for QuickGrid. My laptop scanned over 21k mp3's without any problems. This night I'll transfer them to a USB3 SSD. I also did a compare with an NTFS formatted and FAT32 USB drive. NTFS boots faster and the SCS seems to read it just fine.
  14. Nevermind - it is working. My headphone was switched from stereo to mono. Sorry - everything works fine now!
  15. Awesome update! Don't know if this is a bug: Headphone split... I've switched it to "On", but doesn't seem te split. Am I doing something wrong? I cannot find a difference between on or off. I would like to have master to one side and pre listen to the other.
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