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  1. Interesting I just measured my 2011 J-185 New Vintage it's 4 & 15/16. I didn't realize the first J-185's were 5 & 1/4 must make a difference to the sound.
  2. Jalex

    1946 SJ

    Very cool guitar. I love the patina on the headstock.
  3. Nice guitar, but if I bought it the pickguard would have to go.
  4. I was wondering what happened to that guitar. Thanks for posting this. He seems pretty happy with it.
  5. I think I would go with the one I could play in person and buy that assuming you like it.
  6. I'm curious how the new 1952 J-185's compare to an authentic 50's model.
  7. Came across this on YouTube this morning. Very cool 2 part video. I'd love a 50's J-185.
  8. Would have been nice if they mentioned the J-185 is not only slightly smaller than the J-200 but also a shorter scale. Guitar sounds really good in this demo though, glad they brought back the J-185.
  9. I notice they skip a lot of important info on the guitars in the demos and prefer to engage in a lot of idle chit chat. I also can't stand the way he strums the guitars he kinda just flaps at the strings too close to the bridge. Cool guitar all the same.
  10. Cool guitar. That's some nice straight grained Brazilian rosewood.
  11. Currently trying Santa Cruz parabolic low tension strings, I'm still not sold on them though. I had them on my J-185 and they came off pretty quickly. I think Elixir phosphor bronze seem to work best on my Bird.
  12. I own a Taylor 317 and really enjoy playing it. Definitely a different beast than your standard Taylor.
  13. The Acoustic letter just posted this. They stop talking and start playing at 5m 40sec. Think the Gibson wins it for me.
  14. I actually enjoyed that thanks for posting. Not sure he's completely right about the scale length of all Hummingbirds though. My 63' is 25 1/2.
  15. Yeah I was referring to the Dove and 51' J-45 which I wouldn't mind owning. I see it on most of the new standard line and just wished they would leave it up to the owners to decide if they want one or not. Small pet peeve of mine.
  16. Some very tempting models there. I do wish they wouldn't install strap buttons on the new models though.
  17. Ok, so there is a difference between saying a pickguard is lifting off the guitar as opposed to physically falling off.
  18. It takes heat from a hair dryer to remove a pickguard. As the post above mentioned I'd be a bit concerned about that explanation.
  19. I'd say if your not 100% happy then return it. There are plenty of SJ-200's out there.
  20. Fine looking J-45 Sal. I don't play out so no pick up and no strap pin is fine with me. Enjoy👍
  21. Cool Bird, Lemmo is a great player but I have to say I miss Agnesi's demos. I agree with duluthdan about the open tuning thing a bit like demoing guitars with a capo I've never understood that either.
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