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  1. Why didn't you ask before making the switch? I think you face-planted. However, if you are happy....
  2. Hi! There is some oxidation (according to a friend) accumulating on both pickups. He has informed me that if I don't remedy this issue, the pickups will lose signal clarity. Is this true? Has anyone got any hints on how to remove it? I wish I had better photos, but I assume you know what I'm talking about. By the way, any clue on what pickups these are? I bought this 2002 LP Standard Desertburst used, and I assume they weren't changed. BB Pros? Thanks for you help.
  3. ask28

    Tuner question

    The Mick for President!
  4. Yes, I know.. this is a LP forum, but since I value your opinions so highly I thought I would ask. Does anyone have any input on the Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 1x12? I have always had solid state amps, but have loved every tube amp (starting with the Fender Twin Reverb many moons ago). However, I know have a 2002 LP Desertburst and (alas) 2004 Fender (yes, I said it.. The "F-word") U.S. Telecaster Standard w/maple neck and natural finish (you would love it too!), and it is a shame to plug these into non-tube amps. I live in Italy, and they are charging 1,600 euro (new) for this model at the local music store (light years away from GC). The idea of buying one in the states had been option (saving hundreds of $s), but having to plug it into a power converter, hauling it across the Atlantic, and risking damage cancels out the advantages. Okay, there are other tube amps that are cheaper and have great tones, but don't seem to match up (here goes the Apples and Oranges debate again for the 123,343,342 time). The question is... What is your advice/opinion? Thanks for being there.
  5. I bought this 1981 Custom Silverburst about 20 years ago (with a 2-12 Galien-Kruger 100 watt amp for $500! Original case wasn't included). The original owner told me that he moved the bridge up (did it have the Bigsby?), and installed a Dirty Finger pick up in the bridge postition. Does anyone have any experience with these? Like/dislike? Thanks for your input.
  6. Emperor Les Paul is wearing no clothes!
  7. The most important factor is making sure the color doesn't clash with the drapes. It breaks my heart that these music machines would end up as mere ornaments.
  8. ask28

    Virtuoso polish

    I meant to say "wash"
  9. ask28

    Virtuoso polish

    Does this stuff really work? Was it made for the that gunk that builds up on the neck? Even if I was my hands before playing it seems to materialize. I have never had this problem before.. what the #$#$? My friend's son's SG has it even worse. It's impossible to slide up and down the neck. I tease him by saying that it's from you-know -what-ing. I thought you just went blind....
  10. surf, skate, hang out with my dog, play golf, do the nasty
  11. ask28

    what guitar

    Since you already have an Explorer, why not go whole hog in the opposite direction? Flying V?
  12. expense of fret work due to bound neck. the black finish on the back of my standard desertburst strap locks not being included. the combination lock on the case. Has anyone actually stolen a guitar without the case? I have been the only one locked out of my case.
  13. You scored!! I was looking for a Premium Plus too, but the extra $1,000 for a top that was similar to the Standard seemed to be too extravagant an expense. However, you got one with a stunning flame. Are we permitted to know how much you spent for it?
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